Sunday, February 9, 2014


¨Do not fear.¨
But there is some fear - life is scary right now.
¨Rejoice always.¨
But sometimes I can´t see past the colour grey.
¨Trust in the Lord.¨
But I don´t understand anything He´s doing right now!
¨Be strong.¨
But today I feel anything but strong.
¨Just believe.¨
But what if He can heal but chooses not to?
¨He loves you.¨
But I´ve never seen this kind of love before...

I am reminded of these things I know are true and I agree in my head that they are.  But in my soul there rage many ¨Buts¨.  They whisper and confuse and frighten me.  My soul turns them over, fights when able, cries when necessary, gets angry when I recognize lies and gives up when exhausted.

I need others to hold me.  To lift me on wings of prayer.  To gently remind me of the Shepherd´s true character.  To walk this road with me.

I need them to remind me of God´s ¨Buts¨...

¨But God called...¨                                                            Gen 3.9
¨But God remembered...¨                                                         20:3
¨But God has seen...¨                                                               31:42
¨But God will give...the answer...¨                                           41:16
¨But God will be with you...¨                                                   48:21
¨But God intended it for good...¨                                              50:20
¨But God lets it happen...¨                                                   Ex 21:13
¨But God did not answer him that day...¨                        1Sam 14:37
¨But God will never forget the needy...¨                               Ps 9:18
¨But God has surely listened & has heard my prayer...¨            66:19
¨But God is the strength of my heart...¨                                     73:26
¨But God is my King from long ago...¨                                     74:12
¨But God raised him from the dead...¨                               Acts 3:15
¨But God promised him...¨                                                         7:5
¨But God was with him...¨                                                         7:9
¨But God has shown me...¨                                                        10:28
¨But God has helped me...¨                                                        26:22
¨But God demonstrates His own love for us...¨                 Rom 5:8
¨But God in his grace gave...¨                                             Gal 3:18
¨But God had mercy on him...¨                                          Phil 2:27
¨But God´s word is not chained...¨                                  2 Tim 2:9
¨But God disciplines us for our good...¨                            Heb 12:10

My life is uncomfortably real and not very easy today.

¨But God...¨

That´s all I really need to know.

Photo by: La Wendeltreppe


  1. seguimos orando mucho, mucho por cada uno de ustedes! Especialmente por esa rubia, que nos tiene dando vueltas como locos!
    Alguna novedad que nos puedan compartir en cuanto al estado de Jen?
    Un abrazo grande a todos los Sider,

    1. Sí! ahora lo pongo en ¨Lo Último¨, ok?

  2. Many blessings on you guys and love & prayers from Chile!
    ~Karissa & Gus

    1. GRacias! We´re starting to make a list of all the countries where people are praying - it´s awesome! such an encouragement...

  3. Once again you have meshed your weak fingers into His strong fingers and found strength enough for today.... "But I... But God!' Thank you again, dear sister. You are being prayed for, each one of you, in many places and in many ways. And its very ok to come to grips with your genuine weakness, genuine tears... His grip is strong enough for both of you, even when you grip falters...

  4. The same to you and your dear family, Dana...