Saturday, February 15, 2014


Today I didn´t see the glory.
Today was clouded with pain and tears.
It was overcast with a fog of doubt.
Today we lost our way and went backwards instead of forward.

They say there is a ¨fellowship in His sufferings.¨
But as I helplessly watched my daughter´s painful afternoon,
I watched her struggle to find that see His see the glory.

Drs. and nurses came & went all day.
Visitors came to try to cheer & encourage.
They all bring a certain balm.
We opened windows, played music, prayed silently & out loud.
The tears still trickled.

People keep saying there will be a ¨greater glory,¨
That God must having amazing purposes in all this,
To show Himself glorious to all around.

But I couldn´t see it today.

Just pain & tears, fatigue & discouragement.
And we have just begun this road...
that´s the hard part to me today.

Maybe tomorrow.

Open my eyes, Oh Lord.

Let me see Your glory...

         ...even in the unglorious days.

Photo by: Wendy Longo


  1. My pr@yer is that He will overwhelm you all with His love. Even when we dont see the glory and cant find much strength, He is still there, still holding your precious tears and embracing you tightly. Much love from afar.

  2. Praying that the Holy Spirit pour His refreshing water on you and be the comforter and helper at this difficult time. Have been praying all along in our church and prayer group for Jenna and the family. "...Do not fear for I am with you... I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10 A big hug and much love to Jenna. Joyce, from Lebanon

  3. Creo que casi todos los que hemos pasado crisis tan profundas y dolorosas como esta que os está tocando vivir llegamos a sentir lo mismo que tu y es realmente duro ese caminar por el desierto; oro que tu corazón se fortalezca en el Señor en medio de la sequedad y la obscuridad. Exodo 20:21 "Y mientras el pueblo se mantenía alejado, Moisés se acercó a la oscuridad en la cual estaba Dios." Un fuerte abrazo

  4. GRacias, Eugenia, has estado super pendiente y es una bendición.

  5. Thank you again for sharing the faith that walks through the darkness, expecting dawn, but patiently aware that nightfall can stretch for hours and sometimes days within the soul.

    I took Sue to the beach for one last time on Valentines day. I laid a mattress on the floor our car where the wheelchair usually sits, and carried her out so she could lay with the door open a few feet from the waves. But when we arrived it was so very foggy, I almost turned back. Maxine was with us. She prayed, "Lord, if you could move the fog for George Muller, you can move it for us." The fog never went completely away, but the sun slowly, almost imperceptibly broke through and for about 50 feet around us we could feel the warmth and the light. And so Sue got to watch the waves for two hours, as I sat and recalled stories of beaches we have loved together. Not quite the glorious sunny day I had hoped for, but the glory came peeking through anyway. And it was enough for me. Hoping for your glimpses to come through, even during the hard weeks. Your brother, Dana

    1. such an unforgettable have loved will see the glory

  6. Oh, dear friend . . . I have not written because I have no words. But I pray and I pray and I pray . . . with the same groanings I knew years ago.

    Dear Jesus, hear us here in our darkness. Pierce it, Lord. Reach through it with Your mighty hand. Touch these precious children of Yours--so deeply, so gently, so firmly that they will know profoundly that You are in this. One touch, Lord, so they can keep going straight through.

  7. Thank you, dear Karen. Thank you for being close by...

  8. Pam, thank you for sharing transparently about the challenges along the journey as well as the commitment to continue it.