Sunday, February 16, 2014


Alfredo went by the hospital today.  They told him there were no Jennas there.  This is true.  It is also my fault since yesterday I was so happy to have Jenna come home and so busy cooking stuff that she could eat that I forgot to do an update!  (I did, at least, put it on facebook.)

So, before this happens to anyone else, here´s the update:  She´s Home!

The Drs. say there will be pain for a while and she will need to work on progressively eating and adding things to her diet if they set well.  She can do this at the hospital or at home, so the choice was obvious.

She has approximately a month of convalescing to do.  She is sleeping and resting a lot, eating something small every couple of hours and back to her own environment and home-made food.  :)
(She decided hospital food is somewhere between airplane food and camp food.)

The only meds she needs is an analgesic and something for circulation which I have to give her as a shot. That is kind of cool since I´ve never done that before!  I told her as soon as she´s walking enough we don´t have to do that anymore.  That would motivate me!

We celebrate this moment and are thrilled to be together here at home again.  Thanks for praying with us!

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