Monday, July 7, 2014


                                                                                                                                                    I saw the incense rise last night.
In the middle of the night it woke me.
Startling, intriguing, amazing.
Entranced, I saw spirals rising to heaven
from around the globe,
from every continent.

It was the prayers of the saints!
Precious & fragrant,
steady & insistent,
daytime & nighttime,
smoky beauty

Oh Lord, would You honor their faith?
Would You please show them Your glory?
 Would You reward their sacrifice of love & tears?
Would You bless each one who has entered into our family´s battle?
Would You let them see You move?

Thank You, Lord, for the rising incense,
for the offerings of faith,
for the warfare in the heavenlies,
for the songs & the whispers,
for the childlike & the old,
for the irrelevance of denomination & religion.

Hear the saints, Oh Lord.
hear their desperation,
hear their pleas,
hear their faith,
hear their widow-like insistence,
hear their child-like simplicity,
hear the loud ones & the silent ones,
the bold & the gentle,
 the confident & the trembling.

I am one of these, Lord.
Hear us and act, we pray.
Show Yourself to the world!

Photo by:  isado