Friday, July 11, 2014


This group of young people has blown me away.

They are from Málaga & they have stood by us.  This is extra special because Jenna has lived away from here for 5 years now...their immediate & unconditional love from the very anouncement of her diagnosis has been remarkable.  Jenna has friends all over the world from her crazy multi-cultured upbringing and they have also brought undeniable & remarkable support.  But having people close by has filled a special need and has meant the world to her...and to us.

They have gathered here at our house various times in the last 6 months & I have spoken of it under the page Blessings.  But I wanted to highlight them for their significance to us as a family; they have truly been precious to us.

After last night, Jenna said she felt both ¨honored and humbled¨.  I think that´s how we all felt.  To have people gather around you who have travelled sometimes up to an hour or more on a bus to get there and then spend two hours crying out to God in love & worship and in desperation is mind blowing.  We truly have felt honored by their efforts in prayer...both at our home and throughout the week, checking in through a whats app prayer group for her.  Many of them have visited her, brought her gifts of encouragement, come to play games & distract her when she was low, sent her texts & called her to see how she was doing...all of them, old friends and new, have endeared themselves to us.  But this last night was just too awesome to not share in some special way - while at the same time, almost too precious to speak of.

We gathered in our basement where we have spent so many beautiful hours in prayer with so many different people.  But this was different.  They gathered for US.  Just to be with God & each other and to focus on Jenna.  We worshipped in song, prayed, interceded, cried, spoke prophetic words, layed hands on, wept for the long-asked for miracle, spoke words of life, broke any power of the spoken medical ¨sentance¨ over her, surrendered ourselves to His loving & perfect will, gave words of encouragement, declared scriptures that were appropriate, prayed over her again & again.  It was beautiful, powerful, anointed, precious...and there was not a dry eye in the house.  I only have a heart of thanks for these beautiful people.

We boldy asked God for a miracle here, in Spain, in Europe, in the West.  Why should it always be only in 3rd world countries that we hear these stories?  Why can´t God move here?  Surprise the heck out of the Drs in Málaga?  Show His glory in southern Spain??  We won´t let God go until He lets us see Him HERE!!!

Here they are...

There were special words of encouragement spoken to Jenna...and Martin & Stef shared how they were praying with another group of young people earlier that week & how they had prayed for Jen & painted some of the things they had received for her.  Stef presented them to her.

They each wrote on the back interpretations of what God had spoken to
 them about during the prayer time for precious.

This one with grapes over a river was from Stef & its special significance 
about the kingdom of God was explained to Jen.

Here was a climactic time of asking for complete healing & miracles
 in Jenna´s body...she is sitting on a chair in there somewhere!

Here Dani remains on to continue praying & crying out for her sister´s life...

There literally was not a dry eye in the house.  We went through the box of 
kleenex and on to the tp!  Tears are precious to God...and to me.

As if all of this wasn´t enough, one girl left us a basket of homemade cookies.  This meant so much to me because a lot of Spaniards are not bakers - and especially not of cookies!  So she was really thinking of us & went to a special effort to make them.  They were absolutely perfect, too.  :)  Gracias, Ana!!

What can I say??  We are honored by the prayers of so many who rally around us.  It blesses us, humbles us, encourages us, inspires us....and helps us to press into Jesus all the more!

I so want to see something special for their sake.  They are longing to see God do something out of the ordinary.

May their faith encourage us all!

Gracias, jóvenes de Málaga!!!

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