Monday, October 6, 2014


Thanks for understanding my humanity...
That tender, incomplete place of struggle.
I am trapped in it,
yet my spirit yearns to see things of another world, another realm.
I reach for it, read about it, dream about it,
pray for its reality in me.

In my humanity 
there are things I can´t see clearly.
I have limitations in my understanding,
I live under man-made structures and inherit finite ways of thinking.

Today I am frustrated to be trapped in it!
I want to be free to fly & dwell in greater truths -
To receive them fully,
to live them, to see them fully activated,
completely appropriated.

She is trapped in her humanity, too.
Our whole family is trapped, captive.
How can we live in two realms at once?
How can we be pilgrims here & citizens there?
Part of a kingdom on earth & of a kingdom of heaven?

Today I feel divided, schizophrenic,
stuck in between identities & responsibilities of each kingdom.
How do I live?
How can she live above or outside her physical realities?
She is imprisoned within her human body!
Oh to be free from this body & this earth!

But if it is to be, if this dual-reality must be so,
Please give our bodies heavenly eyes,
Spirit-filled hearts,
senses aware of otherly realities,
a belief system full of heaven-truths
and love for the Eternal Creator of all these things on heaven & on earth.

I don´t wish to be like some ¨so heavenly minded they are of no earthly good.¨
He has purposes for us here on earth; we have a destiny.
Yet nor do I wish to be so ¨earthly minded they are of no heavenly good.¨
He wants us to live with our divine realities present here and now.

Jesus, how did You do it?
Live heaven on earth?
Live eternity in a limited physical body?
Understand the will of heaven for Your every move?
Live joyfully surrendered to truths of the eternal while imprisoned in Your humanness?
How did You do that?
Will You teach me?

Oh help me to align my humanity to Your divinity.
Help Jenna to experience Spirit-vitality in the midst of 
physical illness, chronic pain, unending limitations.
Help those of us around her to help create the kind of atmosphere
where Spirit-life can flourish,
where the kingdom of heaven is more real each day,
where the physical lives in submission to the spiritual,
where every day we see heaven coming down -
to touch, to bless, to fill, to transform...

Thanks for understanding my humanity...
that tender, incomplete place I struggle.
Please invade it and make it more divine.
Please let heaven come down today.

Photo by:  Michiel S.