Saturday, November 25, 2017

WHAT IF? (Seeing Our Kids With Heavenly Eyes)

What if I could see into His heart for them and how it absolutely throbs and explodes?
What if I could see into the tomorrows and see the happy ending?
What if I could truly believe that love and truth will win?
What if I could see that their strength is found in the struggle like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon to fly?

What if I could see all the plans and angels and strategies aligned in our favor?
What if I could hear the victory music playing right now?
What if I could see the ways He plans to deepen my raw trust and understanding of Him?
What if I could smell the fragrant perfume that will be produced to alert others: Jesus is Here?

What if I could see how their minds were sharpened through this deep thought process and how their own doubts will make them both accessible and thoughtful with other skeptics?
What if I could see how their hearts were bonded to the work and beauty of the Father through their journey?
What if I could see how their souls were healed in ways nothing but honest wrestling could have brought about?

What if I could taste the sweetness of their lives as they impact this world?
What if I could sense the joy and unity in our family of having weathered this terrible storm and having been healed?
What if I could see Jenna´s face and see by her contented, peaceful expression that she and Jesus knew all along that this was the plan?

What if I could see the myriad of things being built into the kingdom as fruit of our struggle?
What if I could see those who will find help and healing in our story?
What if I could see all the amazing and beautiful things God has planned for our good?
What if I could see...?

And what if I could live as if I could see all that by faith?
What if I could rest in this wrestling?
What if I could just live in His love and creative plans?
What if I could just trust His unseen activity?
What if I could just pray as if I already had the answers?
What if I could live like that?
Can I live like that?
What if...?

Photo by:  Babybluebbw


  1. I spent six hours weeping like a child over the sheer power of this story, the beauty of your words and the beauty of your faith and your daughter's, and your family. I would think you must be one of the best Christian writers on the scene. Certainly the best poet. I have two 'young adult' children both of whom have already been to the edge of the abyss in their short lives and are now struggling mightily with faith issues. Hence the above is my favorite (if I was forced to pick one) blog/poem. God bless you as we both go to the foot of the cross for our children.

  2. Wow. Your words are powerful, Matt. Your resonance with this must mean you have walked through deep waters with your kids. The waiting is so hard but I know He hears. My heart goes out to you..and many like us and we pray heaven down on our prodigals.