Friday, December 15, 2017


Christmas is a welcoming. 
The welcoming of a season.
Christmas is an embracing. 
The embracing of deeper meaning.
Christmas is a gathering.  
The gathering of loved ones & those needing love.

Christmas is a remembering. 
The remembering of God incarnate.
Christmas is a cherishing. 
The cherishing of rich symbolism.
Christmas is a receiving.  
The receiving of a great gift.

Christmas is an honoring.  
The honoring of a moment that marked history.
Christmas is an enfolding. 
The enfolding of tradition into today.
Christmas is a praying. 
The praying of Christmas for all peoples.

Christmas is an embodying.  
The embodying of Christ among all of us.
Christmas is a returning. 
The returning each year to mystery.
Christmas is a welcoming. 
The welcoming of this season.

Photo by: Thomas

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  1. Pam, I love this--as I have appreciated and am saving all of your poems. May I post it on my fb?