Monday, February 17, 2014


Good-byes are really important in the cultures we´ve lived in.  You must say Hello AND Good-bye with a kiss when you arrive and leave a place.  When someone visits your house, you walk them out to the street, even to their car.  

On Saturday, we were happy to say GOOD-BYE to Quirón Hospital!!

And to Room #407!

It was a great room, but.....ADIÓS!!

Adios, ICU!  Adiós, visiting hours 1-2pm and 8-9pm!  Now we can see her whenever we want!! haha!

Adiós, time of uncertainty.

Adiós, tubes & cables & beeping machines!

Adiós, helpful nurses with LOTS of needles!

Adiós, flowers.  (Actually, I´m taking you all home with me!)

Adiós, 104 stairs up to Jenna´s room!

Adiós, intravenous nutrition of 2500 calories a day! 

A HUGE Adiós to hospital food!!!

And some of the real-life sad ones:  Adiós, cute belly.

Adiós, belly button.

Adiós, stomach.  You will be missed, but it is for the best.  God knows.  
(We will take more time later to say good-bye properly to these important losses.)

Adiós, hospital.  We will be back to visit the Drs. and nurses but probably will not 
spend the night again, so:  Adiós!  Au revoir!  Bislamah! 

 Hello, new room!

Hello, new life post-surgery!  I´m coming back at ya!!

THANK YOU for walking this journey with us; your support has been so life-giving!


  1. Adiós a las lagrimas de todos estos días... El Señor es bueno y su misericordia es para siempre. Seguimos orando. Un abrazo familia. =)

  2. So happy that stage is behind you, we love you honey!

  3. This is such good news. We are thankful with you for this huge step toward healing.

  4. What a wonderful farewell journey. Thank you for the words and photos, woven together so beautifully. As a father of two beautiful girls also (and now two beautiful granddaughters of about Jenna's age) this brought tears to my eyes. Tho Bruce wasn't in any of the photos, I hurt and identify most with him. Jenna's smile in the last 3 photos is priceless and says so much about her spirit (as well as God's Spirit in her).

  5. Bruce and Pam, I just now had a chance to catch up with your blog, as our weekend was busy. Just want you to know that we're praying for you, with much love. SOOO glad Jenna is home! Give her a hug from us.

  6. Thanks for giving us this window into your journey. Amazing God.