Friday, February 21, 2014


Some people say ¨it must be so great to be thin and be able to eat all you want!¨

And it is - unless they take your stomach out.

It is - unless you have to fight for every calorie you put in.

It is - unless you throw it up (all the way from your intestines).

It is - unless you keep losing kilos.

Some people say ¨she´s going to be fine!¨

And she is -  except when she´s discouraged.

She is - except when she´s crying out in pain.

She is - except when she´s lonely & bored & has cabin fever.

She is - except when there are doubts.

Some people say ¨she can graduate next year.¨

And she can - but not with her best friend.

She can - but not with the ones who have been like family these 4 years.

She can - but not without a lot of necessary changes & sense of loss.

She can - but it won´t be the same.

Some people say ¨we´re praying for you.¨

And they do - and it moves the mountains for us.

They do - and it tightens the net of this great big Family we have.

They do - and our spirits cannot remain unchanged.

They do - and God smiles.

Some people say ¨how can we help?¨

And they do - and tears of gratitude slide down our cheeks.

They do - and we are not alone.

They do - and the tangible support carries us through rough days.

They do - and we are all blessed.

Some people say ¨we have no words...¨

And they don´t - they just sit with us.

They don´t - they give us gifts of countless prayers.

They don´t - they bring speechless flowers with an aromatic balm.

They don´t - they just stubbornly stay by our side.

We are grateful mostly for what is behind the words of so many people - LOVE.

Thank you all for your words...and for your silence.

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Photo by: yokofurusho


  1. Hola Pam! Es María Eugenia Decoster, recién hoy me acabo de enterar de tu blog y de todo lo que han pasado con este cáncer! Me gustaría escribirte más, pero quizás por email o por teléfono seria mejor, te dejo mi email: Espero que me puedas escribir cuando puedas, Jena y todos uds. están a partir de ahora en mis oraciones! Un fuerte abrazo!

  2. We have been praying for you all.