Sunday, April 27, 2014


So much is said here... 
yet so much more is left unsaid.

So many details explained...
and yet so many left out.

So many emotions made public...
and so many more kept private.

So much effort to be honest...
yet not all can be expressed.

It is not always mine to tell.
Or it is not the time.

Sometimes it is too raw or too new,
unresolved or too personal.

Sometimes I want to let it all out -
kicking & screaming & typing my way to release & relief.

But I can´t.
I love them all too much.

I close myself up with my Audience of One
where I can say & write anything.
Where all can be spoken - yet it is safe.
Uttered - yet held secretly guarded.
Written - yet not published.

He is the fairest & purest of audiences.
There are no cares about how or why anything is said.
I hurt no one, reveal no secrets.
I speak & write, unedited.
He listens & counsels, unrehearsed.

It is a hard balance, this cyber world,
this instant audience,
this friends & strangers at fingertip.   

I want to share our story,
be genuine & transparent throughout this pain
to let you all see - and feel - what it is like.
To encourage you in your faith,
in your own journey.

I also long to see how He shows up
and to have it recorded for my children.
I yearn for them to see that 
with Him all things are possible
and that He is longing for authentic faith -
not a religion but an honest face-to-face,
walk-it-out-every-minute-of-every-day relationship. 

I am on a quest here
of writing, of recording
of honesty, of vulnerability
of encouraging, of discipling
of mistakes, of imperfection
of real life and real faith.

I hope you will hang in there with us
to see how this story ends.

Photo by: Federica Rainó


  1. I'm hanging in there. We - the lookers in on your journey - have the easy part. The least we can do is be faithful to pray and stand with you. Give Jenna a hug from the Oswalds.

  2. I don't know you...I'm a extranger to you...but I want that you know as a mom I am praying for your beautiful daughter and your family.
    I hope our Lord bless you all everytime.
    (I am a Stiff's and Eller's friend...and please sorry for my English).

    1. Te conozco por medio de los Eller y ellos han hablado de vosotros. Mil gracias por orar por nosotros aunque no nos hemos conocido personalmente; eres un sol!

  3. Hi pam, I am Bonnies cousin in Ciudad Real. I hope this comment goes thru, I have been trying to comment for such a long time to tell you how I am praying for Jenna and the family, always on my heart. I recieved an article today from " life of interest" so I must have subscribed a while back, i dont know why my comments never posted, but i am here trying once again.

  4. Mara, Thanks for persevering & so sorry it´s been so difficult! I feel I know you after Bonnie speaking of you so often...thank you so much for following our journey & praying.
    un abrazo