Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Just a thank you today,
a grateful heart.
To have her home
makes me the happiest Mom alive.
Being together,
under the same peaceful roof.
It might seem simple
but I am learning
in this war 
about the simple & the daily,
about the moment & the unpretentious.
I am seeing some things
for the first time...
Suffering is giving me new eyes.
Things previously unnoticed
are now remarkable.
Things untreasured
are now cherished.
Oh to have this heart every day!
to see the joy
to delight in the small
to cherish
to love
to thank
to be
to live.

Just a thank you today,
a grateful heart.

Photo by:  marsmetn tallahassee


  1. I spent more than 2 hours today with friends at PEP who love you all, as one after another shared words of love, words of hope, and words of longing for God's daily Grace in your lives. In particular Platts, Dean, Dave H, Doug and Dawn, and Greg spoke at length of their prayers and those of their friends and family for each of you.It's absolutely stunning the outpouring of love for your family from everyone I meet.