Thursday, July 24, 2014


"Deep calls to deep
in the roar of your waterfalls,
All your waves and breakers
have swept over me."
Psalm 42:7

The deepest part of me calls
to the deepest part of You.
In the middle of the rush,
in the power of the pounding waters,
in their threat to overtake me, I cry out...
And You find me.

The deepest part of me calls
to the deepest part of you.
In the roar and in the sweeping over,
in the powerful currents,
in the torrential cascade of life I call...
And we meet.

The deepest part of me calls
to the deepest part of you,
In the heaving, swelling foam & waves,
in the pushing & coursing strength of tides,
in the deafening sound of many waters,
my voice is silenced...
Yet You hear me.

This deep place,
this unanticipated point of encounter,
is only discovered when life
is waves & breakers & pounding water...
And as scary as this place sometimes is,
I am humbled,
and honored,
and amazed
to find depth with You here.

Deep calls to deep, Spirit to spirit.
Longing & fulfillment, need & provision,
confusion & understanding, 
meet in this mysterious & unexpected place.
There is revelation.
There is communion.
There is a deeply renewed hope & strength.
While this may seem incongruent,
It is my most profound & sacred season ever with Him.

The deepest part of me calls,
to the deepest part of you...
Oh! what I would have missed
if His breakers hadn´t swept over me!

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  1. Hola Pam...
    Con mi familia creemos que hay que "echar mano" de cualquier recurso que nuestro DIOS TODOPODEROSO ha puesto a nuestro alcance...
    DIOS ha puesto en el corazón de mi hijo Javi, compartir contigo este sitio del que ha estado investigando.
    Pueden investigar ustedes tambièn y ver si podría ser una alternativa.
    Que NUESTRO SEÑOR Y EL ESPÍRITU SANTO les siga llenando y guiando.
    Seguimos orando junto a ustedes.
    (Mi hijo Javi es amigo de la familia Cook).

    Puedes proporcionarme tu correo electrónico o estás en fb?

  2. Love and prayers to all. Have many church prayer lists

    Hi Pam link enclosed for Cancer Centers of America hey no problem talking with them
    I don't know if this will help but they have great outcomes on stomach cancer etc. They have an 800 number and r available to talk 24/7. On phone or chat maybe get some info no harm in trying.Many prayers and thoughts for you all. Love cousin Marie
    Link below

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  3. It is truly counterintuitive, but when the waves are crashing around you, pulling your head under the water, into the depths, reveals a place of silence and peace that others are not aware of. So grateful for each and every grace you find within this storm.

  4. Thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    Love cousin Marie