Friday, August 1, 2014


I cannot imagine life without Him...especially right now.

If You were not Completely Sovereign,
Innately Good,
Insanely Abundant in Love, 
Perfectly Visionary within Your kingdom,
Where would I be?

If You were not Incredibly Wonderful,
Discerningly Perfect as Counselor,
Fiercely Tender as Shepherd,
and Intimately Involved,
How would I go on?

If You were not Majestically Kingly,
Justifiably Lord,
Holiest of Holies,
and Forgivingly Precious as Savior,
On what would I stand?

If You were not my Source of Bread,
my Pure Fountain of Living Water,
My Life-Guiding Truth,
and my Creative Teacher,
By what would I live?

If You were not my Endless Life,
my Song in the Night,
My Protective Hiding Place,
and Shadowy Almighty Wings,
Where would I take refuge?

Even just One of these things would be Enough.
But You are All of them!

You are my Safe Boundary in this life, 
Marking my Alpha & my Omega,
My Beginning & my End.

If You were not...

....but You Are!

Photo by:  Rene Yoshi

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