Saturday, September 20, 2014


I´m waiting for the comeback, Lord.
The moment when this match is turned around!
The play when the apparent ¨losers¨ make a choice,
put down a stake and say, ¨No more.¨

Sometimes it seems to start with a lucky break,
other times it´s a definite decision.
Sometimes the apparent winners get cocky
or distracted or careless.
That´s what I´m waiting for. 

My God is NOT on a losing team.
He doesn´t need any lucky breaks.
Even when it doesn´t look like it -
In the end, He still wins.
He always wins.
There is no stopping Him
or His acts of winning power.

His timing is calculated & perfect.
He knows when to show up.
He knows how to deliver,
how to shake things up,
and how to turn things around.

He´s already beat the losingest Loser in history
and announced it on a Sunday.
With resurrection & miracles & earthquakes.
That win was recorded for all mankind.
It marked history.
It separated time into BC and AD.
That´s whose team I´m on.
That´s whose team Jenna´s on.

So, I´m waiting for the comeback, Lord.
Waiting for this match to be turned around!
I´m confident in Your calculated move
and in Your precise strategy.
Your delivery will be impeccable
And the win will be breathtaking.
I am smiling now just imagining the cheers,
the joy, the undisputed delight of the passionate crowd.

I´m waiting, Lord.
I´m watching for Your move...

Photo by:  Globovision

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