Monday, September 1, 2014


A birthday for Jenna this year was different.  One, because for the last few years we have been separated at her birthday and unable to celebrate together.  Secondly, because of her health, we had NO idea how she might be feeling on August 19th and what she might feel up to doing.  But mostly, because of all we have lived this year and the uncertainty of the future, it was RIGHT to celebrate all together...friends, family and extended lovely community all around the world.  The friends who travelled far and wide to be here made it so special.  But so did all her local friends & family.  I want to remember the specialness of her Garden Party for her 23rd Birthday...

The Ambience...

SPECIAL FRIENDS & professional musicians donated their love & talent to bring live music to our patio.  The neighbors were all out listening!  GRACIAS, Carlos y Nuria, Nelson y Rocio y Dixon!  Os queremos!!


The food was amazing & Bruce braved the intense heat for hours to cook the choripanes and kebabs for everyone.  Jordan was the awesome waiter!

It took Bruce a loooong time to cook all these but they were a huge hit - as was our baked potato bar!

Baked potato bar...

Dessert bar...

Saray prepared fruit daiquiris for everyone who wanted one; they were a big hit!

The girls were all decked out:

Special gifts & special moments:

Hannah, Betty and Saray sing ¨Oceans¨ (in English & Spanish) while Vanessa does an interpretive painting... (Saray is on guitar to the left).

Beautiful Vanessa (who lives in Morocco) paints while the others sing this song which has come to mean a lot to Jenna in these months...

Oceans LIVE :)
Presented by:  Saray, Hannah and Ana
Artist:  Vanessa

Dani prepared a dance for Jenna and involved some of her friends...

We sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU in at least 5 languages!  :)

We all had a fabulous time and then towards the end, the dancing began...(until Jenna was tired and we wanted to keep peace with our neighbors!)

This may be the largest selfie ever...

 So sad to see it all end....but it was so perfect and we were all so happy.  ¨Best birthday ever!¨,  Jenna said, ¨Thanks to EVERYONE who made it possible!¨

We felt so blessed as a family to have celebrated SO WELL Jenna´s life and her 23 years.  THANK YOU all for all your best wishes, love & support at this special time.



  1. God bless your sweetness Pamela. Your family is loved all over the world. I am feeling your mothers heart.

  2. God bless your sweetness Pamela. Your family is loved all over the world. I am feeling your mothers heart.

  3. Thank you for posting this. It is a reminder to me to pray for you all.