Tuesday, September 9, 2014


When she loses her smile
something inside me just breaks.
It´s a deep emotional-physical pain unlike anything else...
It´s the pain of watching someone suffer,
The pain of watching the struggle to endure,
The pain of wanting to take it all on myself -
and being denied.

When she loses her smile
the whole household searches for ways to bring it back -
Through humor, kindnesses, prayer, physical touch
But it is in vain.
Sometimes we can coax a little half-smile out of her weary body
But sometimes whole days pass & I don´t see it...
I turn my face and cry my pain, her pain, our family´s pain -
All because of the absence of a smile.

When she loses her smile
I also think of so many other children around the world
who have lost their smile, too.
Some for reasons too terrible to mention.
Some of them may never get their smile back.
There is such unbelievable suffering in this world 
we cannot take it in or even begin to bear it.
When she loses her smile,
I pray for them, too.

Oh, Lord!  You say there is a certain fellowship in our sufferings
A holy communion with You, the God of all Comfort
You say there is purpose and good,
You say there is character and perseverance built,
You say there is a future ability to be a hope-bearer for others.
Please let her see this,
and understand it in a way only a fellow-sufferer of Yours can...
and please,
please let it bring her a smile.

Photo by:  Anton S.


  1. One of the most difficult moments of life is when we are asked to sit next to one we love during such difficult times. Our 'lack' is only heightened by their need. May The Spirit be more than sufficient for both of you, especially during such times. Supporting you in prayer and love, Ele

  2. Thank you, Ele and family. You have blessed us so over the years...