Sunday, October 26, 2014


They say ¨Life goes on¨ - and they´re right.
But not mine.
At least not in the way it used to.
There is supposed to be a ¨new normal¨ here somewhere...
But nothing is normal!
Nothing will EVER be the same again.

They say ¨Life goes on¨ - and they´re right.
But I don´t like it!
I feel like everything should stop with us,
Respectfully wait for us to be ready...
But they don´t.
Almost nothing waits for you.

They say ¨Life goes on¨- and they´re right.
And I can´t stop it.
I wish I could freeze myself in time...
And let all of us grieve & change & rest
Without falling behind,
Without missing so many things.

They say ¨Life goes on¨ - and they´re right.
But perhaps it´s ok...
Maybe it´s part of what gives you bits of momentum
to move forward, to keep you from becoming stuck.
Maybe its tension is actually secretly a part of the healing,
Mysteriously keeping you in the lifestream.

They say ¨Life goes on¨ - and they´re right.
Because the ONE who IS LIFE goes on forever.
He is Life itself and lives outside of time.
So excuse me while I hang outside of this life & its time for a while
And receive all I need from my True Life Giver.
Until I am ready to intersect once again with the ¨Life that goes on¨...

They say ¨Life goes on¨ - and they´re right.
But so will I.
In my own way and time.
The way that is right for me,
The time that is right for our family,
With the Life-Giver who makes ¨Life go on¨ within me...´s gonna be alright.

Photo by: Robert Hufstutter

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  1. Yes it will be alright... someday. But its NOT alright now. Its not the same now. And that is just ok with God and all your friends. God is ALL Right. The Universe is still spinning through space. But you, you are just spinning. May you have room to grieve, to sit, to settle, to lament. We all want that for you... time to just be and hurt together. We all hope a good deal of life passes you by, and that you don't mind. The ministries will be there next year, two hurting kids and two hurting parents are there today. Its today we are praying for you. One. Day. At. A. Time.