Thursday, October 23, 2014


This severe mercy* has come to our lives,
painful & overwhelming
surreal & outrageous.
A mixture of emotions,
and a numbness, too.
A bouncing back & forth
between needing to be held
& needing to be alone.

The severity of the illness,
the pain, the suffering
was way too real.
But the mercy in the midst of it
was real, too.

There is mercy for her -
no more suffering!
A perfect body &
walking with her Beloved
amidst celestial beauty
& eternal understanding.

There is mercy for us, too,
for He is with us.
Consoling, loving, holding
Blessing us through others
Filling our hearts with stories
that continue to trickle in 
Of her lovely life, of her impact.

We move away from the severe
and embrace the mercy.
Yet they still seem to find each other
like twins who have known togetherness
far too long.
We are faced with both...
and we weep, trying to accept 
This severity
and this mercy
which have come into our lives.

*“That death, so full of suffering for us both, suffering that still overwhelmed my life, was yet a severe mercy. A mercy as severe as death, a severity as merciful as love.” 

Photo & artwork by:  Stephen B. Whatley

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  1. Thoughts are with you all love cousin Marie

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