Sunday, October 12, 2014


This has been a big week.  Our family is riding a roller coaster of emotions but being carried in so many ways by all of you.  THANK YOU for such an outpouring of love, support, prayers & kindnesses expressed en masse via every viable source: telephone, skype, texts, Facebook, e-mails, private messages and of course, face to face.  You are all AMAZING.  What would we do without you??!!

Our teammates here in Málaga have been providing hot food for us here and waiting in the wings for anything we might need.  They are angels.  Their prayers & practical love is such a comfort.  There are also extended ¨God´s Team¨ people here who have been such a blessing as well, especially our friends from the CRM team who are stepping up in counseling & spiritual direction at this difficult time.  There are so many other local friends who are caring for Jordan and for all of us in hundreds of little and not-so-little ways.  God knows, sees and will reward each one.

As far as VISITORS, we have been talking about that as a family and for now, this is what seems good to us:

We are requesting for Jenna´s well-being that all visitors call or text to make arrangements before coming.  We will be posting some general ¨visiting hours¨ since this hospital doesn´t have any as a way to protect her and reserve her best energy for healing and her immediate family.  Tomorrow it will be 12-13 and 18-19hs. This is very stressful for us to do, but she does not have strength to see everyone.

If you are more friends of Bruce & Pam, we need & want your support!  BUT you may not be able to see Jenna depending on how she is.  We know our kids are an extension of who we are but we ask that you respect her wishes & need to prioritize at this point. We will be happy to meet with you outside the room, talk & pray and receive you but we want to give HER the priority to decide who she most needs to see and say good-bye to.

Please understand that we wish YOU COULD ALL BE WITH HER AND US ALL THE TIME YOU WANT but it is just not humanly possible.  With the uncertainty of how much time we may have left with her - short of a miracle - we have this difficult task set before us of setting boundaries.  We so appreciate your love & support and respect of these wishes at this time - more than you know.  You show great love for us during this emotional time by honoring this.  Thank you.

We will continue to update you through the Pages: The Latest, Prayer Requests and Blessings as well as reflective posts on things we are thinking about and going through.

THANK YOU for your love for Jenna - and for her whole family.


  1. Perfect response to your family's need. May this week bring good people to work with home care,pain control and a new chapter. We keep praying for you all. Love.

  2. Very wise approach at this tender time.

    Praying for you from here. Looking forward to that day when we can all spend time together in heaven and not worry about running out of time.

  3. You put it well Pam ... no need to apologize or anything else... all of us who love you and your family surely would understand that perfectly. I just pray that all involved will not only understand what you wrote but will also fully support your needs at this point in time. Love you, Sis. Please hug Bruce and the kids for us. Blessings!

  4. You are an example to us in so many ways. May God give you many sweet holy ordained moments of presence and community!

  5. Very, very good decisions... honoring to her and others. God may give you more time than you expect, and even if it is only three or four weeks, one or more may not be conscious, and we want you to let her see just the most important few now, and pace yourselves, and your kids, to be there for here however long she may have. Prayed with tears for resurrection life to pour into her this morning; but praying for the daily manna each and every day.

  6. Hello, my name is Charles Kossivi.
    I am also a metastatic cancer patient. I am dealing with GIST SDH A deficient. I had half of my stomach removed last December and going in for a liver bland embolization this coming Monday. It's a been a rough and long road, but our Father has been faithful every step of the way to me, my wife and two little girls. I will be following this blog and praying for you guys as well.