Sunday, November 2, 2014


so full of longing
for the peace of green meadows
for the bubbling melodies of a little girl
for smiles & wildflowers
yes, always the innocence of wildflowers.

so full of pining
for the light & warmth of sunny days
for time & dear ones to soak in it
for the slow & silent passing of time
yes, always the preciousness of time.

so full of hungering
for the smells & tastes of yesterday
for the sharing & toasting of togetherness
for the aromas & zest of flavors that were her,
yes, always the medley of flavors that were her.

so full of yearning
for closeness & earthliness
for certainty & tangibility
for seeing & touching in the flesh
yes, always the reality of touch.

so full of wishing
for a different ending
for a rewriting of the chapter
for fulfillment of prayers both loud & whispered
yes, always the consummation of prayers loud or whispered.

so full of hoping
for fresh perspective
for new realities & traditions
for progressive & therapeutic healing
yes, always the progress of healing.

so full of longing...

Photo by:  Alice Popkorn

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