Sunday, November 30, 2014


It seems impossible that there should anything lovely about pain.
It seems irrational that there should be anything beautiful surrounding pain.
It seems incoherent that there should be anything precious found in pain.
But I have seen it.

It seems disrespectful that there should be anything appreciated within the pain.
It seems incongruous that there should be anything cherished amidst the pain.
It seems unthinkable that there should be anything sweet to be found around pain.
But I have experienced it.

It seems preposterous that there should be anything hopeful in the devastation of pain.
It seems unreasonable that there should be anything alluring within the repellent that is pain.
It seems unbelievable that there should be anything treasured imbedded in pain.
But I have lived it.

Beauty and pain seem unreasonable partners, infeasible friends.
But is beauty not so exquisite at times that we cry?
Is pain not so productive at times in our character that we rejoice?

In the midst of terrible suffering this year -
of pain, of fatigue, of confusion, of longing,
There have also been very present the sweet moments, loving acts,
touching kindnesses, gifts of comfort from God, unexpected favors and love-deeds.
We have lain in green pastures, tasted clear, refreshing water, been touched by hugs & kisses,
smelled sweet oils of anointing & massage and seen immeasurable, extraordinary encouragement at just the right time.

We have experienced with all of our senses and all of our being
the pain, love and beauty of God in this year.
Unbelievable?  Yes.
Unthinkable?  Yes.
Possible?  Yes.
Interwoven & intertwined,
beauty & pain have visited us -
and we are the better for it.

Photo by: Anna Conti

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  1. And we agree with you. Sam & I also have seen this joining. Thanks for writing. Love to you and family.