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¨Measure thy life by loss and not by gain,
Not by the wine drunk,
but by the wine poured forth,
For love´s strength standeth in love´s sacrifice,
And he who suffers most has most to give.¨

- Lilias Trotter

There were 3 distinct prophetic words that came right around the time of Jenna´s passing that I wanted to share.  They are such an encouragement to us and the fact that they were each confirmed by others make them more certain.

The first came through a letter received from our dear friend Amy.  She shared how she had gone out to pray for Jenna in the countryside among some olive trees.  As she prayed for Jenna, a full-orbed dandelion was blowing in the wind and kept returning to her.  She felt the Lord speak to her heart that the seeds of Jenna´s life would be spread in the offering up of her life.  She remembered a painting of an artist Lilian Trotter who lived 40 years in Algeria and the sense that Jenna´s life was to be offered up for something greater was very strong.  She wept and wrote and prayed and later gave us a letter and  lent us the book A Blossom in the Desert where many of Lilias´ paintings and writings are compiled.  (Amy´s presentation at the Memorial Service can be viewed below on the video.)

Amy later had another experience with the Lord while at a weekend retreat in the famous monastery Montserrat in Barcelona.  Again, she was outside praying and she was given the strong impression that Jenna was to receive a crown of honor of some sort.  As she looked up, she saw a bay laurel tree, full of it´s dark green leaves used by the Romans in their crowns of victory.  Even it´s scientific name, Laurus Nobilis rings of nobility.  It is also the source for the word  baccalaureate and we now know that she was to receive that on the 19th!  (Not only that, but the title Honoris Causa is on her diploma, meaning in Latin ¨for the sake of honor¨. )  When she returned to Málaga, Amy came to pray for Jenna and ask that this crown of honor would be bestowed on her.  I share this because it has to do with the following vision...

A dear friend from our downtown church, Loli, is very special to us and has experienced many prophetic visions from God since she was little.  When she called us after the memorial service to tell us that she had seen something during the service, Bruce drove up to her place to hear firsthand...

¨During the first song at the Memorial Service, Oceans, I saw a vision of Jenna,¨ she told him.  ¨ I was seated near the coffin covered in flowers and I saw many hands around the coffin above it, in the air.  Coming up out of the middle of them was Jenna.  I could only see her from the waist up and she was beautiful and happy and radiant.  She was filled with joy!  She had a beautiful white blouse on and a flowing turquoise-colored veil wrapped around her head.  Her hair was loose & beautiful, cascading down and was full of bay leaves.  Then she started rising upwards and as she rose, the veil shifted and fell off her head to her shoulders.  As that happened, little seeds fell from it and went everywhere.  They were really tiny, like little grains of couscous and they were spread all around.¨

At the memorial service, Amy shared the visions she had had but Loli´s vision was before she had spoken and before Doralicia shared about Jenna´s legacy.  Loli got so excited when she heard Amy and Dora share because it was very evident to her that God was confirming the symbolism of what she had seen!

You can read more specifically about what Dora shared about Jenna´s Legacy in the post called Legacy.  But what relates here is the clear sense that Jenna left a legacy and that God desires for her generation to take it up.  Her death is not a waste but an investment in the future of the Kingdom of God.  Dora made specific reference to the the truth found in John 12:24.  ¨Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed.  But if it dies, it produces many seeds.¨ 

May Jenna´s life, and now her death, produce much fruit as spiritual seeds are scattered...

Cool, huh?

May it be so...

If you would like to listen to what Amy shared at the Memorial Service for Jenna,  you can listen here in English with Spanish translation:

Amy Galloway
Translator, Doralicia Cajina-Gonzales

1st Dandelion Photo by:  Whitney Rae Hurst, friend and colleague of Jenna´s from APU
Laurel tree: mtgf93
2nd Dandelion Photo by:  Hartwig HKD

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