Thursday, January 1, 2015


This lovely painting was painted and gifted to us a week or so after Jenna's passing.  This is what Vanessa wrote with it:

Jenna's Hands

The beauty of her hands...
Goes deeper than her slender fingers
It is more than the grace with which she holds them;
Deeper than the strength within them.

The beauty of her hands is in the lives that she has touched;
In every hand she has held,
And in all the love that she has given.

Now her hands are held by the
One whose touch has healed
And while He leads her in a dance of love and victory...
Here on earth, her touch continues on
In every life that she has loved,
And every heart that she has blessed.

Vanessa Brooke

For now Vanessa´s painting rests on our ¨Memory Table¨ but soon it will find a more permanent place on one of our walls.  We are so blessed with friends who share our love of Jenna and give of their talents to express it in such lovely ways.

P.S.  When we first saw the painting, Bruce thought that was his hand holding Jenna´s!  (We still let him think that.)  And it DOES look a lot like his hand.  He spent many precious hours holding her hands this year during her suffering and THAT really WAS a picture of her Heavenly Father´s hands which were to hold her later.  Whatever the interpretation, we are comforted by the fact that SHE IS HELD.

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