Sunday, November 22, 2015


Written with big love & appreciation on the occasion of Karol's
 Masters Recital.  Karol, one of Jenna's dear Brazilian friends, generously
 dedicated her amazing performance to Jenna's memory.  (Post forthcoming on her recital!)

There is no other word for our longing
for this lovely soul.

For this lover of nations,
For this allegiant, lively friend,
For this ardently devoted fan of family.

For the head thrown back in laughter,
For the smile that lit the room,
For the elegant, mysterious way she carried herself,

For the cultural (& abundant!) odysseys in the kitchen,
For the practical jokes & bets,
For the deep philosophy at night,

For the opinions readily shared,
For the causes & principles she believed in,
For the zealous passion that spilled out around her,

For the broken heart for the poor & oppressed,
For the dreams & vision to make a difference,
For the intolerance for mediocre or indifference,

For the silent hours over a book or journal,
For the prayers poured out with paint or ink,
For the tender strumming of strings & heart,

For the love of learning & discovering,
For the insight & wisdom gently offered,
For the gift of bringing out the best in those around her,

For the genuine, honest heart,
For the last minute running with mate in hand,
For the stunning, natural beauty she was oblivious to,

For the love running over for God,
For the deep & authentic relationship,
For the passionate quest & journey for Love Himself,

For the uncommon global citizen who lived among worlds,
For the one who was nevertheless equally rooted & grounded,
For the girl who always came back to those she loved,

For the one who fought to live,
For the beauty & peace in her final surrender to the Master Plan,
For the one who went back home to the One she loves,

There is no other word for our longing 
For this lovely soul.

*Saudades:  An untranslatable Portuguese word referring to the "melancholic longing or is an evoking of a sense of loneliness and incompleteness...poignant sadness, indolent, dreaming wistfulness."                       - from

Photo by:  Carolina Franceschini, taken in Lebanon last year