Thursday, February 18, 2016


We are really not sure if Jenna can see us or not but 
we often feel like she is a part of the cloud of witnesses cheering us on.

In your moments proud
on your biggest days
when your heart is heavy
yet you rise again
when your courage spurs
others on to good
when you celebrate loudly
or quietly love
when you cross a finish line
at your life events...
I'll be watchin' you.

When you love Him well
when you pour out your heart
when you whisper prayers
or bless with your art
when you fall in love
or you graduate
when you learn something new
or new vision create
when you live victorious
and of course, when you smile...
I'll be watchin' you.

When you write that book
when you dance on that stage
when you kick that goal
or a new nation engage
when you make a new friend
or forgive one that´s old
overcome a weakness
or cover someone´s cold
when you give ´til it hurts
and you love to the end...
I´ll be watchin´you.

When you cry for me
yet persevere
when you wonder and question
 but trust Him to be near 
When you rest in love
and choose to walk forward
when you follow your call
in spite of your sorrow
when you mourn honestly
yet look for the beauty...
I´ll be watchin´ you.

When you change the world
as you live bigger than I
when you blow others away
with a legacy 10 times mine
when you see me in yourself
and it brings a smile
yet you freely live as you
embracing that unique profile 
when you make Him relevant
and bring Him to the unloved...
I´ll be watchin´ you.

When you find ¨the one¨
who´s all you´ve dreamed
when you have your babies
and they look like me :)
when you carve out your life,
live adventures & dreams
when you love your new family
yet honor your old team
When there´s the gift to be together
sharing lessons & laughter...
I´ll be watchin´ you.

When you finish each season
and live each moment
full and rich it stands to reason
you draw closer to me, to all eternity
and when your yearning grows
and your story is told
When your work is done
and the witnesses´ cheer is bold
when you finish your race
and you cross through the veil...
I´ll be watchin´ you...
and waiting for you...
and hugging you...
and introducing you...
to your new eternal friends
to your new perfect home
and bringing you to the One
who loved you first and best.
And then we will live...
really live...
...happily ever after.

Photo by:  Jan Jespersen


  1. Yes, surrounded by the great cloud of witnesses! I love this (though I am bawling my eyes out sitting here in the library). Bless you, Pam.

    1. Came back to read this one tonight. It's a classic, Pam, like Rudyard Kipling's "If!" I cried again but smiled as it is such a poem of hope, joy, and all things sad becoming untrue. Many thanks for lifting my eyes upward. It's beautiful.