Wednesday, September 7, 2016


The breathtaking bride,
The handsome groom,
The beautiful decor & environment...
The ambience of love & joy,
anticipation, waiting, the vows.
Special moments, funny moments,
tradition, contemporary, memories, spontaneity -
A holy, happy blend.
God´s hand, blessing, faithfulness.
A new beginning, a new generation.

But it´s not our girl.
It´s not our family.
And in the heart of celebration,
there are quiet tears of loss.
Tears she is absent on her dear friend´s day.
Tears she is once again a missing bridesmaid.
Tears we will never see her fall in love,
walk through that mystery with her.
Her Dad won´t walk her down the aisle
or dance the father-daughter dance they had always planned.
I won´t be by her side in a million bridal secrets,
an accomplice in decisions & delights.
Her siblings won´t watch her romance with wonder
or plan some creative & hilarious surprise for her reception.
We will never know the amazing man
God may have chosen for her.
Today it hurts.

I try to be happy, for it is another´s day!
It is not my day
And I do not want to dampen it.
But my heart is torn -
and there are tears for the beauty,
tears for the joy,
and tears for the one who is absent.

¨Even in laughter the heart may ache,
and rejoicing may end in grief.¨

Proverbs  14:13

Photo by:  Norman M.