Hector´s song as published on 29 Jan 2014 in this blog.  His instrumental interpretation of Jenna´s journey.  BEAUTIFUL!!

Héctor Vega, you rock!!

Hector´s written description of what his notes mean....


It begins delicately, sweetly, tenderly like those peaceful moments in the Lord.  Like when you walk underneath the presence of the All Powerful One and in those little details, the ones that you hardly pay attention to, that bring colour to our walk.  The song begins to take on more colour.  It is increasingly more stable, with more direction and a certainty that it is indeed walking. And then the moment comes when our Faith confronts our fears...a mixture of dark uncertainty of not knowing what´s going to happen and that hope in the full promise of life that the God of centuries promised us.  Afterwards moments of reflection come, those which perhaps we see in the prayers of Job before everything was taken from him.  Job 42:1 ¨Then Job responded to the Lord: 2 I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted. 3 You asked, ´Who is this that obscures my plans without knowledge?  Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know. 4 You said, ´Listen now and I will speak; I will question you, and you shall answer me.´ 5 My ears  had heard of you; but now my eyes have seen you.¨

And that is where we realize that whatever happens, we will be safe under the shadow of the Almighty (Ps. 91).  That´s when the Lord gives us His peace in such a strange way, in a way only He can.  The song begins to change into a hymn more than anything else.  Something simple, nothing pompous, all the contrary.  Full of honesty, simplicity and humility.  In Deut. 7:9 there is a little phrase that I love: ¨Know then that the Lord your God He is God.¨ He is God and He will keep being God no matter what happens.  My prayer is that God moves His powerful hand in your life.  My question is:  What if He doesn´t or if He delays?  Will He still be God? Will you keep praising His name?  I know your answer because in spite of the short time we´ve known each other, my eyes could see that you are a girl of Faith, who knows God and praises Him.  And I know that you will praise Him and that is why I praise Him from here with you.


Empieza con algo delicado, dulce, tierno como esos momentos de paz en el Señor. Como cuando caminas bajo la presencia del Todo Poderoso y que son esos pequeños detalles, los que casi ni les prestamos atención, pero que atraen color a nuestro caminar. La canción empieza a tomar mas colores. Cada vez mas estable, mas con un rumbo y certeza de que se va caminando. Es ahi cuando llega un momento donde nuestra Fé se enfrenta a nuestros temores... la mezcla de esa incertidumbre obscura de no saber que es lo que pasara y esa esperanza en la promesa llena de vida que El Dios del los siglos nos prometio. Pero después llegan los momentos de reflexion, aquellos donde quizás pensamos en la oraciones de Job antes de que su mal le fuese quitado Job 42:1 Respondió Job a Jehová, y dijo: Yo conozco que todo lo puedes, Y que no hay pensamiento que se esconda de ti. ¿Quién es el que oscurece el consejo sin entendimiento? Por tanto, yo hablaba lo que no entendía; Cosas demasiado maravillosas para mí, que yo no comprendía. Oye, te ruego, y hablaré; Te preguntaré, y tú me enseñarás. De oídas te había oído; Mas ahora mis ojos te ven.

Es ahi donde nos damos cuenta que pase lo que pase, estaremos seguros bajo la sombra del Omnipotente (salmo 91). Es cuando el Señor nos da de su paz de una manera muy peculiar, de la manera que solo El lo sabe hacer. La canción se empieza a convertir mas en un cántico que en cualquier cosa. Algo sencillo, nada pomposo si no todo lo contrario. Llena de honestidad,  simpleza y humildad. En deuteronomio 7:9 hay una pequeña face que me encanta; "Conoce pues, que tu Jehová tu Dios es Dios" El es Dios y lo seguirá siendo pase lo que pase. Mi oración es que Dios mueva su mano poderosa en tu vida. Mi pregunta es. que si no lo hace, o se tarda? Seguirá Él siendo tu Dios? Seguirás alabando su nombre? Conozco tu respuesta porque a pesar de ese poco tiempo que estuvimos conviviendo mis ojos pudieron ver que eras una muchacha con Fé, que conoce a Dios y le alaba. Y se que le alabaras y es por eso que yo le alaba o desde aquí contigo. 

Por Héctor Vega 

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  1. You do not know me and most likely we will never meet on this side but I was asked to pray for Jenna and I have day after day. I thought about looking up Jenna's name so I could find out something about her but felt it was better for my praying to not know her except in the Lord. I wept here in December 2015 when I read the posts. You are a wonderful writer and I cannot believe how detailed you were. I look forward to meeting Jenna and knowing her in glory. May God's mercies be yours in abundance and I am thankful I got to know her in this life through praying and now through your blog. What a wonderful young woman! Words sometimes are such useless vehicles for expressing the depth of what you possess about someone...music perhaps does better what we have within. What a joy to have such a daughter, sister and friend!