In spite of this difficult road, we desire to pay attention to the ways God shows up each day.  There have been some amazing blessings which we are charting here as a way of seeing the good and giving Him thanks!  He has shown us daily mercies on this journey...

**I am so glad that from the very inception of this blog we practiced as a family the discipline of counting our blessings each day.  Being attentive to how He showed up each day - in little or big ways - was a great way to stay positive, be grateful and to remember that He is always active around us.  I hope we will continue to practice this!  Thanks for tracking Him with us on this journey.

Today - and always - we are thankful for the BEAUTIFUL BLESSING of 23 years with Jenna. (10 Nov. 2014)

21-25 October 2014  For God´s sweet grace to us, for so much love demonstrated in the midst of pain.

20 October 2014  In spite of never wanting to have this ending, the service was beautiful and people have been so wonderful to us.

19 October 2014  Jenna´s entrance into HEAVEN.  Such joy for her and such sadness for us on this day.  God´s mercy in the midst of it is being clearly shown through so much grace and so many   people´s love.

18 October 2014 tricia arrived from California to help us & just be a friend.  ;)

17 October 2014  For Cudeca´s help with the meds & Lidia & Dani´s ability & desire to learn it all.

16 October 2014  Lidia.  Our beautiful friend and nurse.  What would we do without her??

15 October 2014  Song written for Jen by Saray and amazing video from President of APU (more tomorrow on that).

14 October 2014  Beautiful painting sent by Karis with lyrics from the Desert Song.

13 October 2014  Gorgeous flowers arrived from Uncle Ron and Aunt Beth.

12 October 2014  Thankful for hot soup and for friends who travelled today to say good-bye from England and Madrid.

11 October 2014  So thankful for so many friends and their incredible support.  Even more amazing is the support from people we don´t even know!!!

10 October 2014  So thankful to be all reunited.

9 October 2014  I thank God for sending Alex and Amy at such a perfect time today.  Don´t know what I would have done without them.  Also, for our dear teammates who were all there by our side.  Incredibly thankful to have gotten through to Bruce and that he could change his flight to today.

8 October 2014  I see God today in His sustaining grace for me today at the hospital...Dani is working & Bruce is traveling but I know He is with me.

7 October 2014  The friends helping us through the donation site are amazing.  I am awed by everybody´s care & concern.

6 October 2014  Got some relief today for Jenna with some new meds at Budwig via IV, plus some new drops which she got in ok and some medicinal Hemp oil I´ll pick up tomorrow!  PLUS, SO THANKFUL for bloodwork Budwig got back today which is a very special and thorough analysis of any tumoral activity that they do outside the country.  HER BLOODWORK IS NEGATIVE FOR ANY TUMORAL ACTIVITY!  THIS CONFIRMS THE PET SCAN RESULTS!  THANK YOU, GOD!!!!

5 October 2014  So great to see an old friend today from Buenos Aires (César) and talk about life and old times.

4 October 2014  Thankful for my kids who are trying to make my birthday happy!

3 October 2014  For relief for Jenna today due to the paracentesis.  :)

2 October 2014  Happy to be with Jenna all morning and not have to go to the clinic!  Thankful for a wheelchair to do all the medical stuff in the afternoon/evening.  Super thankful for my dear friends Amy & Dora who took me out to lunch today for my upcoming birthday; so wonderful to be with them!  :)

1 October 2014  For the Lord giving me peace in this new stage (with Dani working & Bruce traveling).

30 September 2014  For strength for all of us.  For an extra day with Bruce due to his cancelled Air France flight!

29 September 2014  Thankful for a beautiful prayer time as a family in Jenna´s room.  :)

28 September 2014  Taking Jenna down to the Paseo Marítimo by the beach to walk.

27 September 2014  Thankful for praying friends Murray and Carol who came by to visit & pray (all the way from Canada!)  Also, for Cristi, Leila y Sonia who surprised Jen with a visit this morning.

26 September 2014  So blessed to have had 3 hours at the botanical gardens with my best friend and hubby to talk, pray and sip mate!  :)

25 September 2014 Thankful for Alex & Alfredo who accompanied Bruce valiantly in a 10-day fast!  I am so touched by their love & sacrifice for us.  Here they are breaking the fast:

Also, for old-time friend Lois Halls who made and sent with her husband Tim a ¨healing blanket¨ that she made for Jenna.  Her own personal experience with breast cancer and going through chemo made her grateful for some special blankets she received and she wanted to pass on the love!  Thank you, Lois; it is lovely!!

24 September 2014  Thanks to Dani, Jenna has a beautifully cleaned and rearranged room!  That really picks you up.  :)

23 September 2014  Even though it was sad to take Ruthi to the airport this morning, our hearts are full of gratitude for the (almost) month she spent with us & her deep friendship with Jenna.

Yesterday I started asking around at the hospital about possibly renting a wheelchair to get Jenna out since she is too weak to go any distance.  There really isn´t a way to do it at the hospital but they gave me a couple ideas to check out with our insurance co.  This morning at Budwig there was a wheelchair which the receptionist said was ready to throw out so I asked if we could have it.  I wrote to a friend who can fix about anything and we´ll see what he can do with it.  It would be sooooo nice to be able to get her out in the neighborhood or down by the beach; she is really sick of being inside.

22 September 2014  Beautiful sunny day and we were able to take Ruthi up to the Gibralfaro castle for a while in the morning.   Then we picked up the Pet scan results which especially Ruthi was praying for and it was great news:  no further signs of cancer!!!!!  Thank You, Lord!

21 September 2014  We continue to hear about various ones who are specifically praying & fasting in this time - even children.  I can´t hold back the tears when I think of everyone´s love & sacrifice for us that I will never be able to repay.  It´s just overwhelming. May God honor their faith & love!

20 September 2014  Soooo thankful Jenna & Ruthi could get down to the beach for a little while this morning...

19 September 2014  Thankful for the faithful & cheerful visits of Cristi y Sonia.  :)

18 September 2014  Flowers left by a praying family were a blessing.  Also, there are 2 friends who have offered their skills to help us raise some funds for Jenna´s natural therapies.  A number of you have asked about that and now there will be a way to help!  THANK YOU all.

17 September 2014  Friends Craig & Stephanie are lending us a car for the next few months in light of Dani´s 3 jobs and need for transport!  Wow!  What a super blessing!!

16 September 2014  Thankful for our team who gathered around us this morning to pray and lighten our burden; they´re the best!

15 September 2014  Soooo grateful for work for Dani!!!  Thankful for a great 1st day of school for Jordan.  Thankful for praying friends who show us so much love by praying, visiting, calling, writing, & doing practical things to encourage our hearts and make our load a little lighter.  :)

14 September 2014  Thankful for a restful, peaceful day.

13 September 2014  So thankful for a rapid trip to the ER and protection in what could have been a big complication.

12 September 2014  Blessed on this discouraging day by Dani & friends who are thinking of Jenna on their camping by the beach trip...

11 September 2014  Some days are very discouraging & its very hard to see God moving.  I believe He is but I yearn to see it & experience it more profoundly...

10 September 2014  What would we do without Ruthi right now??  She is such a blessing to Jenna and to all of us.  Tonight, she and Dani are busy making Argentine empanadas from scratch for the Arabic speaking team meeting at our house tomorrow...

9 September 2014 Thankful for Dani´s time with Dora & Amy at the botanical gardens this morning, praying about her big decision - whether to go back to school this month or not.  She has been in a process and we are so happy for her maturity in it.  She will be staying on with us this next quarter and NOT returning quite yet to UCI.

Thankful for Jordan´s courage in a decision he is making about fútbol.  It has been a difficult last week with lots of conversations with him.  We have felt (without revealing personal details) that his learning to think through this, pray, hear from God, etc. is such an important skill that we have been dealing heavily with this all week.  It has been really hard on him & he has felt a silence from God, not something very clear cut.  Sometimes it is really hard to trust God & do what seems like the right thing without having everything in place...that is part of faith.  But it is also hard to understand what God is up to when there is silence...that He is moving pieces into place and that He WILL speak, but just not yet.  This has been a very big week for both Dani and Jordan in decision-making.  For us as parents it has been heavy but also rewarding.  We are learning about giving counsel, but giving our child space and trying to not ¨tell them what to do¨. Sometimes it´s not easy when we feel strongly about something or think we know the right way they should go...but rather, helping them discover the answer themselves.  There is still a lot of ¨walking out¨ of the decision ahead in the coming months for both kids.  Thank you for supporting us all in the many aspects of our lives.

8 September 2014  Grateful for our weekend away at a country house; it was very restful and quite near a natural spring with some healing properties.  People apparently come from all around to go in it.  We went in it 3 days in a row and in spite of the awful sulphur smell, we all felt great!

3 September 2014  So thankful for a positive, encouraging appointment with the Oncologist last night.  Also for a special gift from an old university friend of Bruce´s in Uganda...she worked hard to send that from far away!

2 September 2014  In spite of a difficult ¨wake-up call¨ last night from his fútbol trainer, Bruce and I were able to have an important conversation with Jordan, listen to him & pray with him.  There are critical moments for our kids of decision making or choices about attitudes & values in the midst of fear or other negative emotions and I´m glad we could be together last night to talk it through.  It won´t be an easy year in fútbol but I think it will be a growing one.  Even though this is a bittersweet blessing, it is an opportunity for even greater blessing.

1 September 2014  Randy & Doralicia came over to pray for Jen today and that was so calming for her.  She looked so peaceful after their time with her...

29-31  Bruce is finishing up his sabbatical in these days and I´m not sure that it should be on the blessings page because of how difficult it was to actually have one during this trying & complex year!  But thank God he did get some good time away to pray and reflect off and on throughout the year and he had more flexibility for us, his family.  Tomorrow he starts his new leadership role and we are praying God´s hand on him as we continue to navigate uncertain waters.

28 August 2014  In spite of waking up and feeling punk and staying in bed all day, she had a big surprise when Ruthi, her best friend from Argentina (whom she met at APU) arrived for a month.  Jenna thought she was coming in mid-September and somehow we all managed to keep this secret, too.  :)  What a joy to have her here!  She has been faithfully at Jenna´s side since she got here, quietly rubbing her feet, learning about her meds, putting on music for her and just being a gentle presence for us all.  She brought A TON of stuff from Argentina for us - alfajores, yerba, criollitas, dulce de leche and more - her suitcase was like a small store!

20-27 August 2014  I can´t begin to catch up on all the wonderful days Jenna has had with her friends. I have been so busy manning the fort that I haven´t ben writing but the good thing is that Jenna has felt great and has had a blast.  She did A LOT and even when she stayed home from something to rest, Dani was able to take the others out to do something or they could entertain themselves.  I know Jenna really pushed it and it was hard emotionally to want to be with everyone but they all understood her reality and limitations.  They helped us pull off an amazing birthday party on Friday night which there will be a whole post on...

19 August 2014  Jenna´s birthday.  I cannot even begin to describe all the blessings of this day!  THANK YOU, EVERYONE!  Special things were having Cristi, Leila y Sonia visit her in the morning & sing to her, receiving roses, watching a DVD compilation of birthday greetings from friends from all over, receiving dear friends Carolina at 12:30 and Hannah at 4:30, driving over to Gibralfaro, the old Arab castle in Málaga with all 5 of these friends and coming home to a lasagne dinner by Saray outside on the patio by candlelight and amazing international cupcakes by the Galloways and a chocolate-banana, sugarless mousse for Jenna by Justine.  Life is good.  :)

18 August 2014  Justine arrived today and surprised Jenna.  We have been keeping this secret for a long time and totally pulled it off!  Jenna was so shocked, then touched, then amazed.  Great stuff.

17 August 2014  So happy for the beautiful simple church the girls had at home today while Bruce, Jordan and I were out at church.  They obviously were touched by God and enjoyed that time a lot.

16 August 2014  Saray arrived from Argentina and Betty from Mexico to spend 10 days with Jen!  These are 2 beautiful TCK friends & we´re sure it´s going to be a blast for all of them to be together.

15 August 2014  We readied the house today for the onslaught of company then went out to a lovely dinner at night by the sea.  We really enjoyed that celebration.

14 August 2014  Amazing day in La Yunquera, a mountainous region where a lake begins and we were able to enjoy the water and the beauty up there as well as fresh fruits & almonds growing up there.

13 August 2014  Bruce had a number of things going & both of the girls had an appointment so this was a stay at home day.  Jordan had training in the evening, too.

12 August 2014  Awesome day out at a lake with our teammates!

11 August 2014  Today starts  our vacation...great day at the beach at Nerja as a family!

10 August 2014  So excited & thankful for the friends that are able to come visit Jenna; Carolina is coming from Lebanon next week for a few days.  She is going to have a great birthday!  :)

9 August 2014  God has made possible for 3 of Jenna´s best TCK (third culture kid) friends to come visit her!!!!  It´s miraculous seeing that all their families are still full time workers and have no money to spare.  Two of them are coming on their Dad´s mileage and one is being GRACIOUSLY paid for by one of our churches and we are so grateful!!!

8 August 2014  Tomorrow I can't wait to post an AMAZING BLESSING and DREAM COME TRUE that is coming together and becoming a reality!!

7 August 2014  Was so happy Jenna had energy last night to do something in the kitchen: homemade whole wheat-sesame seed crackers!  Mmmmmm

Some Patio action today:

How basketball players paint:

How dancers paint!  jaja

6 August 2014  Yesterday Jenna got some more time with Arnaud (from France) who came by to talk and then take Jordan for a spin!

We keep working on the patio; this morning Jordan & I and this afternoon Bruce & Jordan working on the painting as we conclude the construction phase.

Obviously Jenna couldn´t be very involved in this Phase of the Patio Project but she will be moreso in the next Phase - 3.  Jordan joked today that this was her only contribution - spray painting the house numbers!!

5 August 2014  An update on the challenges & blessings of the patio project:

Getting the wall for the planter in place.  Jordan is the main Asst today.

Cutting the insulation against water & humidity.

Heating it with gas & melting it a bit...

 Lining the walls of the planter.

Bruce has been off today with our friend Tomás (Argentine) who works with plants,
 getting ideas & advice on the kinds of plants we could plant there.  Here´s their basic idea:

4 August 2014  Here are some new therapies Jen did at Budwig today:

Electromagnetic field therapy which is for rejuvenation of the cells.

Ionic Foot Detox via hyrdoelectrolysis & sea salts (draws toxins out of the body through the feet).  
Here she is also getting her homeopathic IV therapy.

At first the water was clear but it slowly started darkening...

At 18 minutes...

At 25 minutes...

At 30 minutes - YUCK!!!  Dont´you want to do that and see what kind of toxins you have?!

Biocatalytic Respiration for enhancing cell oxygenation.

For those who want to know a bit more about these therapies:
Electromagnetic Field Therapy:
Foot Detox:
Biocatalytic Respiration:  http://biocatalytic-respiration/

We also had the great fun & honor of receiving Jenna´s friend Arnaud from Normandy, France who is travelling on his motorcycle through Spain & on to Portugal.  He came with 2 friends, also Christian bikers who ¨happened¨ to be meeting a friend of ours (and our faithful car mechanic!) who has a Christian bike club here in Spain.  Together they are going to an international rally in Lisbon.  (There are a few more details under THE LATEST).

Our neighbors already think we´re crazy with all the people we have around
 but these guys took the cake! :)

Not to be outdone, we also received our dear friends Howard & Jill from New Zealand who haven´t been back to Spain in 11 yrs!  Such a special thing to be able to be with them and Howard´s brother, Campbell.

3 August 2014  So thankful for a great father/daughter day yesterday at the botanical gardens (Bruce & Dani).

2 August 2014  Glad for access to a nearby pool in the summer!

1 August 2014  Thankful for family and an evening alone.  :)  (And maybe a chance to get to bed early!)

31 July 2014  Ok, boring photo but LOTS of significance!  This recent blood work given yesterday in our appointment with the endocrinologist was GREAT!!  So thankful.  (details are in THE LATEST)

Here´s the progress on the front patio:

Putting my swim goggles to good use.  :)

Gracias, Manuel!!

So grateful for a husband who´s not afraid of hard work...

Hopefully, it´s rubbing off on this guy!

30 July 2014  So blessed by these 2 friends who came all this way from Canada and the US to spend a week here with Jenna.  We have totally enjoyed them!  THANK YOU, Becca and Katelyn!

Flowers for Jenna and I.  :)

One of our barbecues together at home.  :)

29 July 2014  Super blessing today was hearing from Jen´s best friend Ruthi from Argentina that    Jenna´s ex boss from the International Center at APU where she worked for 2 yrs, Vijay, and his boss, Mary, have donated the rest of the needed money for Ruthi to come visit Jen here in Spain!  So she will be coming in Sept and we are so excited!!!!  THANK YOU, Vijay and Mary!!

We also enjoyed a 24-hr visit from Asst. pastor Alan from the church where Bruce grew up in Upland. Thank you, Alan, for the big effort to come encourage us!

28 July 2014  A prayer blanket arrived today from PA.  Our friend, Mark Ostby, who pastors a church there where they often pray for healing, had two kids offer to make a blanket for Jenna (they lost a cousin to cancer).  Many in the congregation prayed for it and then they sent it to her. There are so many caring people out there, it just blows me away!

27 July 2014  Biggest blessing today was all the LOVE we received from our downtown Málaga church where we went for 12 years.  They received us in an amazing way and their prayerful support & concern all these months has been continually communicated & felt.  :)

Part of this church has been some Canadian folk and Margarita has been especially concerned for Jenna and tracking with us...she recently sent us some cards with handmade bookmarks in them.  You´re the best, Marguerite; thanks for praying for us!

We enjoyed a trip to Ted & Claudia´s pool and it´s so great Jenna can do some ¨normal¨ activities with us!

26 July 2014  Got a great start on a front patio project Bruce has been eager to do;  cut down all the pine trees/hedge.  Thank goodness we had lots of hands and nailed it before lunch!

Dad made an awesome asado for lunch in thanks to all the workers!

25 July 2014  Jordan has a GREAT day at the beach with his buddies Alvaro, Lucas, Gianni.  :)  Gracias, Mónica!

Even though Jenna has a serious issue with her port and has to go without her nutrition this weekend, the blessing is that she is free from that paraphanelia to go out with Becca and Katelyn.

24 July 2014  Started Jenna´s alternative therapies this week and although we weren´t expecting to have to do it so intensively in 2 weeks, Jen is thrilled to be doing such good things for her body with no side effects!  You can see more details under Daily Updates.

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy

Hyperthermic Body Capsule  (46 degrees celsius/114F for 1 hr!)

Cooling off!

 Accompanied by Becca & Katelyn...they tried the magnetic therapy, too, for a bit but 
Becca almost got us kicked out by almost starting a fire with her metal necklace!

Neural therapy to ¨unblock¨ her scar.

23 July 2014  Becca & Katelyn arrived from the US and Canada, respectively.  Sooo happy for Jenna to have some dear friends here for a week plus.  :)  Here they are accompanying Jenna in her alternative therapy...

22 July 2014  Need to catch up on some blessings we´ve received lately in the mail:

Sweet things from Justine:

Thoughtful, creative & Practical ¨J-tube wraps¨ handmade by Rachel:

Essential oils from Morocco for making natural hair & skin care products from Laura:

My favorite high-calorie Moroccan snack from Bonnie (a wonderful baked combination of ground almonds, cinnamon, anise seeds, sesame seeds, honey, flour & butter or olive oil)  This is used during Ramadan to restore strength at the end of the day of fasting.

Here is a recipe if you´re curious:

19-21 July 2014  Such a wonderful time being away together & the situation was perfect for getting Jenna around with us.  We enjoyed the beach, pool, spa, breakfasts at the hotel and 2 dinners out.  Lots of conversations, fun in the waves, lots of sun (too much!), laughing together and reading The Call in the mornings by Os Guinness.

18 July 2014  Blessed to be on a getaway!  We went to check in at our hotel and there had been a mistake...they had put us in a 5 star sister hotel across the street for the same price!!!  Thank You, God! We are right on the beach!

17 July 2014  Glad Dad & Jordan can have some time out to play fútbol with some other Dads & their kids who have rented an indoor field.  :)

16 July 2014  Thankful for Rachel´s original J-tube ¨covers¨ arrived in the mail and that they are fitting pretty well Jenna´s J-tube site!  She is so great!  Gracias, Rachel!!

Thankful, too, for Cindy´s homemade glass necklace that she made & sent along with a pic from her daughter and a scripture for Jen.  People just blow us away...Congrats, Cindy, on your very ¨first¨ necklace!

15 July 2014  Dad´s HOME!!  And we are not letting him go anywhere without us for a long time!!  It was precious to hear him talk of his Mom and to receive messages & notes from many lovely people that he saw.  We are just so happy to all 5 be under the same roof!

Jetlag: Dad falls asleep during a conversation! haha

We LOVE grilling!!  Here Jen & Jordan thread brochettes of veggies.  :)

Jordan shows us how ¨starving´ he is...!!

Multi-tasking at the grill...

Such a happy meal!  Especially since Jenna ate some of it!!

The welcome collage for Dad.  Some of these photos were more than 30 years ago!!

14 July 2014  Thankful for a holistic, natural alternative to chemo.

13 July 2014  In the mail came some lovely bookmarks handmade by our friend Margarita in Canada who has been an integral part of our church in Malaga  arrived.  She has been praying relentlessly for Jenna and for us.  So grateful.  Had such a nice time going out to lunch with my girls.

12 July 2014  It´s a blessing to have so many people looking out for Jordan...he has been keeping busy and having a great time with various friends & families.

11 July 2014  Thankful for our relationship with Catherine, an experienced oncologist.  Today she came to visit, brought a cool gift and mostly, came to encourage us with prayer & sharing a vision she had of Jenna´s tumors.  She shared this carefully with us for specific prayer.  I have shared this in Prayer Requests.

Catherine prays specifically for Jenna´s intestines & that any tumors will 
be starved from any blood supply.

An ethnic candle holder from the city of Ronda.  

A sketch of what the Lord revealed to Catherine during prayer about 4 small spot tumors
 in Jenna´s abdomen.  This gives us information for specific prayer.  (see Prayer Requests)  

10 July 2014  So blessed by the group of young people who gathered tonight to worship & pray for Jenna...

Jenna´s down there somewhere in the middle on a chair...surrounded by 
young people declaring life & health over her.

Dani cries out for her sister...

If our tears are kept in a bottle, these kleenex represent a LOTof them!!!!  haha

Sweet Anita made a batch of cookie for us (an amazing, chocolate chip, coconut 
& walnut)...and Spaniards don´t even make cookies!!

Martin & Stef presented Jenna with a painting from an artist Shanda who had prayed with them & others a few nights ago and received different words of hope for her...they painted & expressed what God had given them.

On the back it was signed by those who prayed & what they felt the Lord had spoken to them about Jenna...Wow.  We were so touched.  What a precious gift!

This one was from Stef who painted grapes and a river; she explained
 it´s meaning to blessed.  :)

9 July 2014  She came home!!

Good-bye room 401!

Hello Home Sweet Home!!!!

8 July 2014  Thanks to Tara who helped me clean the house today in preparation for Jenna´s arrival.  What a blessing!!!!!

7 July 2014  Thankful for Jenna´s swift understanding of the important elements of TPN at home & for those who have helped her.

6 July 2014  Gracias a Emilio por pasear a Doug durante la tarde; le ha encantado!!  And thank you, Doug & Duarte Fell for so much blessing & encouragement.

5 July 2014  Sonia y Cristy came to visit equipped with stuff to do a manicure & pedicure, massage & a face masque.  Jenna looked & felt amazing!

4 July 2014  Pastor Doug is with us for a few days & he has brought spiritual & practical blessings!  Jordan is thrilled with his Skittles, us girls with our Bath & Body Works cream and Bruce with lots of food stuff.  The church also sent us a cash gift and the beautiful book Jesus Today.  Super blessed.

3 July 2014  In spite of the terrible news this week, people have flooded Facebook, e-mail & our phones with encouraging messages.  We are holding them all in our hearts.  Also, we have had such a blessed family time this week...we have laughed & cried and had many sacred conversations & moments...

2 July 2014  Can´t express how wonderful Dan Pringle´s homemade pizzas on the grill are!!  Or how amazing Dora´s chicken enchiladas, pico de gallo y frijoles are in the midst of all of this emotional stuff!!  You are all encouraging us soooo much!  :)

1 July 2014  Bruce is home!!!  Reunited at the hospital (where else?), we talked, laughed, heard his stories & watched Argentina- Switzerland online.

Bruce just returned from Ontario, Canada where we are famous, see?? (His Dad´s side is from there.)

30 June 2014  Definitely we´re all celebrating Jenna´s first night of sleep without throwing up!  A Super Blessing!

LOVED getting out with Dani to purchase some needed dance supplies as she starts an all day dance camp tomorrow.  I don´t get to do that anymore & it was so fun to bless her.  :)

And after a difficult day of contemplating the possible repercussions of only being able to use parenteral nutrition by IV (no chemo, possible death), 3 crazy friends came by to cheer her up dressed in Moroccan clothes and singing ¨Ain´t No Sunshine When She´s Gone¨.  Que locas!!!

Os queremos, Sonia, Leila y Cristy!!!  Sois la caña!!

29 June 2014  Jordan & I spent a good part of the day today with Jen as Dani was out at church & with a friend for lunch.  Although Jenna is tired & sleeps a lot (very boring to Jordan), he got to take her out to the outdoor patio in the sunshine and then they ESCAPED from the hospital to go around the block!! delinquent.  :)  When they got back, Jordan proposed running Jenna through the halls - she managed to work out a deal to just jog.  :)

28 June 2014  So blessed by our prayer time last evening with my dear bestie Doralicia. She anointed the room & Jenna and we prayed quietly over a (mainly) sleeping Jenna.  It was rich & encouraging.

Happy, too, for friends who are providing fun & distraction for Jordan.  After his friend´s b-day at the beach yesterday, he went back to Alvaro´s house for a sleepover and spent all day Saturday there!  (At least someone is having fun, right?!)  Gracias, Mónica;  eres genial!

I´ve said this before and it may seem trite to you but I am super thankful for the distraction of the World Cup this year.  I am really enjoying watching the games that we are able (even if it costs 5 euros for tv per day - what a ripoff!)  A lot of the teams that have made it through the first round are from Latin America...we know someone from all these countries & sometimes it´s hard to know who to root for (unless Argentina is playing!).  Thanks for letting me rant about this...jaja.

Here I am watching 2 matches at the same time!

27 June 2014  In spite of difficult days, there are some beautiful things which touch us.

Gracias, Anabel & Bere; son ESPECTACULARES!!!!

Brother-love...doesnt´get much better... :)

26 June 2014  Thankful for Bruce (today is his birthday).  He is a wonderful husband & father, a tireless adventurer, an integrity-filled leader and loyal friend.  Can´t wait to have him back on July 1st!!

25 June 2014  Thankful for a precious day spent with Jenna - even in the midst of her suffering, I enjoy her so much.

24 June 2014 Grateful for an opportunity for Dani to get away & have a much needed break.  A quick trip to Morocco will provide a short reunion for 4 TCK besties!

23 June 2014  Grateful for friends who have invited Jordan to spend each morning this week with them hanging out, going to the pool & beach and coming home at midday (here that´s like 3pm).  This is his first week of summer vacation.  :)  Grateful for Cristy & Raquel who will spend the next couple nights with Jen.

22 June 2014  Thankful for various visitors who try to cheer us & to Ellers & Pringles & Gonsalez for the recent meals.  Sooooo grateful!!!

21 June 2014  Thankful that nutrition will be started today!  May it be the beginning of great things...of increased healing, health, weight gain, energy, chemo and increased spiritual understanding & growth!

20 June 2014  A friend died today, Rebecca who was 19.  Her parents and 4 siblings are devastated as are all the youth of Malaga.  Her genetic liver disease in her and another sister has meant constant fighting for her life over many years.  I can´t even begin to understand the exhaustion & agony of her Mom, my friend, on this day.  It touches us deeply - we enter into their sorrow, but we are also aware of the LIFE that Jenna has - and how in spite of everything we´re going through - how precious it is.  Please join us all in praying comfort over the Pedroche family.

Rebecca and her siblings: Azahar, Ruthi, Chechu y Naara

Rebecca: ángel, hija, hermana, amiga, luchadora y mucho más....te echaremos de menos, cariño. 

Please pray for our friends Jose & Arantxa, beautiful parents & lovers of God.

19 June 2014  Feeling blessed by the realities of this week...we pray blessing over this operation.

18 June 2014  Jenna is in surgery as I type this.  I feel confident with how He has spoken in the last couple days that this is a SPECIFIC and SIGNIFICANT answer to all of our prayers for a breakthrough and even to Sunday´s Lament.  It´s time for mourning to be turned into dancing!!

17 June 2014  This morning while making a purchase, the store radio was on in the background and I wasn´t paying attention....until a song slowed down at the end and a voice said clearly and in English, ¨and God said, Let there be Light.¨ In case I thought it was my imagnination, it was repeated with music in the background, ¨and God said, Let there be Light.¨ I have no idea what song that was but it was on secular radio in Spain and I heard it!!!  I ¨pondered that in my heart¨ all day long.  I mentioned it to Jenna since I had told the girls the day before about praying for God to speak light over her situation.  She said, ¨If something cool happens today, this is gonna be a great story!¨ Well, then late afternoon (I had already gone back home to take Jordan to futbol), Jenna called with hte news about the jejunostomy.  SO COOL!!!  We are rejoicing tonight.  Thankful for great news;  the Drs are going to do a J-tube operation for Jenna - TOMORROW!!  Wow.  We were surprised & so excited!  Dani has 2 leads on a summer job and Jordan got a 10 (an A) on his make-up Math exam!!  Thank YOU, for these victories!

16 June 2014  the Lord really spoke to me through a short devotional word from our former pastor in Buenos Aires about how ¨God said, Let there be Light¨.  As I meditated on that all day, it became my prayer over Jenna and her situation, for God to speak LIGHT, to illuminate the issues, to clearly show the way.

15 June 2014  Thankful for a timely phone call from my friend Mariela who called to listen, encourage & give me a word from God.  tqm!  :)

14 June 2014  Thankful for:  helpful conversations with Catherine, an experienced oncology nurse from the US now living here: that Dani & Jordan could have a really fun day & evening out; for Christy who spent the night at the hospital with Jenna.

13 June 2014  Got to watch Spain/Holland game of the World Cup together at the hospital.  Even though we lost pathetically, we are multicultural and still have Argentina to root for!!

All crowded in Jenna´s hospital bed!

Gracias, Antonio y Lidia, por el regalo de televisión!!
(They surprised us by going & paying secretly for it.)

Even our flowers root for the red & yellow!!

You probably also noticed that Jordan got his hair cut short for the summer!  He was wanting to do that for a long time & I didn´t want him to cut off all that beautiful hair but boy!  he is cute no matter what he does to it!

12 June 2014  So happy for Jordan who has made the ¨A¨ team; the high level competitive team for next yr!  Congratulations!  We are also happy that the World Cup has begun; we enjoy that a lot!  Also, thank you Abraham y Mayra and to Raquel for their encouraging visits today to the hospital as well as dear friends Amy, Doralicia y Laura who are staying close to Pam in this journey.  We are grateful.

Ready for the World Cup!

11 June 2014  Thankful for a Dr who seemed to ¨get it¨ and be determined to get to the bottom of  Jenna´s situation.  Hopefully, he will be part of the impetus we need to get some answers during this hospital stay.

10 June 2014  Thanks to Lynne Ellis from WA, an outreach partner there for visiting us with such warmth, compassion & interest.  We´re thankful for your listening ear, your prayers & concern and your beautiful family, Bryan and Jadyn!  ;)

9 June 2014  Received a fake orchid in the mail from our Aunt Lois all the way from Canada!  Haha.  She understands my weakness!  (See Plant Killer! if you don´t get this.)  So glad for this laugh today.  ;)

8 June 2014  We were exhausted today, all of us, and unashamedly took a complete day of rest.  :)  It felt great.

7 June 2014  Jordan played his last league game today.  He has worked hard & today was no exception!  (He still has an international game on Monday & continues training but games are done.)  Congrats, Jordan, on a great year!

6 June 2014  Enjoyed a fun visit from these friends & pastors from AZ, Fred & Kristen.

5 June 2014  Having her home is obviously the biggest blessing of today!!  Starting chemo FINALLY is also huge for us.  Jenna celebrated by making some homemade skin & hair products that Ray & Marge brought her (see June 2).

The makings of natural hair & skin products...

The ¨mad scientist¨ at work in her ¨¨natural kitchen¨.

I am trying out her new deodorant which looks like butter, frankly.  
I told her she needed to find a container; it couldn´t stay in my 1/2 cup measuring cup forever! 

4 June 2014  With all that´s going on right now (see The Latest), I am SO THANKFUL to have Dani here this semester.  I honestly don´t know what we would have done without her!  Her sacrifice to be here at this time is precious to us.

3 June 2014  It seems like it´s been hard to get Jordan to laugh lately but when Dad started reading him the latest Wimpy Kid book, we were all wanting to listen & laughed like crazy!  Of course, the funniest part is when something hits the guys´ funny bone and they lose it - we girls laugh just at how hysterical they get!  :)  (The kids are getting too big to crowd onto our bed but we still do it anyways.)

2 June 2014  Last night dear Ray & Marge came by to say Hi.  They came for some meetings from the US & were jetlagged but took time to visit.  They also brought Jen a few things she had ordered from Amazon to start making some natural skin products.  Very cool.  They brought me a new journal & I´m so grateful since I can´t find them here!

1 June 2014  Thanks, Ginny Chanda, for the great laugh!  She brought me a fake orchid today!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA It´s perfect!!   (See the post ¨Plant Killer¨ if you don´t get it. ;)  

31 May 2014  First of all, today is full of the blessing of 24 hours of prayer for Jenna!  We are so grateful & expectant!  People are sending verses and even a song that they received during their prayer time.  You guys are awesome.

These dear friends, Ruben y Carolina came by with his folks (visiting from Argentina) to pray with us for a while.  Gracias, queridos amigos, son la caña!

30 May 2014  Especially brought back from Argentina by Gabby e Irene, longtime friends, bombillas for our mate and alfajores!!  (We put some in the freezer for Jen until she can eat one.)

Bruce and I got away to a Botanical Garden we like to frequent & we were blessed to have a few hours to pray & be still.  Here´s a special verse God blessed me with:

¨Sow for yourselves righteousness,
reap the fruit of unfailing love,
and break up your unplowed ground;
for it is time to seek the Lord,
until he comes
and showers righteousness on you.¨
Hosea 10:12

Bruce has been so touched by Jenna´s good attitude in the midst of this that he spontaneously bought her a beautiful gift of a home fragrance from the botanical gardens we were at of one of their famous flowers:  glicinia or wisteria.  The sweet fragrance in her by Jesus´ grace at this time has really blessed us.

29 May 2014  Special surprise visit from Sonia who has been living in Norway this year (Jenna has missed her soooo much).  There was so much excitement I forgot to take a pic of the other two who came with her, Lidia y Christi!

28 May 2014  After lots of legwork by a neighbor of mine, we got a package out of customs for only 5 euros!  And boy! was it worth it!  THANK YOU DAVIS FAMILY; you´re awesome and totally outdid yourself!!  (Gracias, Inma, por tu ayuda única!)


 Everything is soooo perfect...

27 May 2014  Great visit with Venezuelan friends Ubaldo y Maribel who lived lots of years in N. Africa...such characters!  Gave us a good laugh.  :)

26 May 2014  Jenna is thrilled with the special bag Dad bought her while in Istanbul last week - he went especially to the market to look for something ¨cool & ethnic¨ for her to carry her nutrition in when she goes out.  She was so touched by that, knowing how much he hates shopping!  haha

25 May 2014  Got to take Jen to her favorite place - the sea!

24 May 2014  Thankful Bruce & I could go to our dear friends Randy & Doralicia´s daughters´ baptism.  It was a perfect day & beautiful celebration.  Glad that Dani has fun plans to get out tonight, spend the night at a friend´s and go to her church tomorrow.  And mostly, we´re glad that Dad is extending his sabbatical and will be with us more.  Thankful, too, for increased peace & joy in our home & family.  :)

23 May 2014  She came home!!  Dad got back from a trip!  We are all under one roof!

22 May 2014  They hope to send her home tomorrow!

21 May 2014  Thankful for siblings who love each other.  Here Jordan & Jenna enjoy their different versions of milk - Jenna from a bag and Jordan´s in hot chocolate.  :)

Definitely thankful, too, for Jordan´s first cell phone!

20 May 2014  Love this gift of rose water from Morocco from a friend...brings back great memories of our year there!  The girls plan to use it as perfume and it´s good in shakes and it´s a great eye wash, too!  (Our driver when in the desert would squirt it in his eyes to get the dust out & we did, too.)  Shukran, BZ!

19 May 2014  Glad for beautiful weather that makes getting out on the patio of the hospital possible!

18 May 2014  The kids and I were all encouraged by a great talk, time in the Scriptures & praying together at the hospital together this morning.

17 May 2014  Thankful for a special gift from Sofia from Argentina who recently came to Spain for a conference.  Mil gracias!!

16 May 2014  Thankful for a visit from Jenna´s high school friend Daniela who had run in the race on Sunday for Women Against Cancer.  She ran as well for her 12-hr-old cousin who has bone cancer in Colombia.  She also plans to walk the Camino de Santiago for 3 weeks for the both of them.  :)  Such an amazing gesture.

15 May 2014  Jordan got back from camp today and he did what he set out to do - go without sleep for 2 out of 3 nights!  (Only in Spain, my friends.)  Neither Bruce nor I could have done that at 13 (nor would we have wanted to!)  In spite of time at the beach, science experiments, a trip to the zoo & kayaking, Jordan´s highlight was his time at night in his cabin with his buddies.  I´m not sure how I feel about this but Jordan was exhausted, hoarse - and happy!  :)

Here he is at the next day´s hospital visit.  Not very good company I´m afraid!

14 May 2014  Thankful for visitors who brighten our day:  Nell, Kayla & Elena and Jonatan & Cristy.

13 May 2014  Thankful for a supermarket right next to the hospital & the healthy snacks & meals Dani & I can get.  :)  Thankful for beautiful flowers and friends who bless us with them.  (Raquel!)  :)

12 May 2014  So fun to see Jordan so happy and for him to have a break from routine as his class goes on a 4-day camping trip by the beach (Cádiz).  He has been so excited - especially about the nighttime with his cabin buddies.  Here they are:

L to R:  Álvaro, Lucas, Jordan, Gianni, David, Jorge

11 May 2014  Celebrated Mother´s Day breakfast with Bruce & Jordan (the girls were at the hospital).  They did it right:

 Note the male version of a centerpiece!  jaja  Gonna send this to Pinterest!

Greek yogurt, local honey, banana & mango.  :)

My sweet guys.

Later we had a Mother´s Day lunch at home (minus Jenna of course, 
 who is in the hospital).  My favorite: Bruce´s asado.  :)  

After lunch, we went & spent the afternoon/evening with Jenna at the hospital.

The other amazing blessing of the day??  Five friends ran a marathon for Women 
Against Cancer here in Málaga; 4 from church and 1 from her high school.  
THANK YOU/GRACIAS desde el corazón!!

Daniela, from Jenna´s high school.

Lidia, a dear friend often mentioned here in this blog.

Mel, a new friend who has organized a prayer group on What´s App for Jen.

The 4 friends from our church in downtown Málaga.

10 May 2014  Jordan won his game.  A friend from Costa Rica sent a special chocolate to Jenna.  Jenna got smoothly settled into her new room at the hospital & while disappointed with this setback is still trusting about what is to come.  Sometimes her courage is what most blesses & inspires me each day.  It´s amazing what God pulls out of us when we think we can go forward no more...

9 May 2014  Got to drive out to the countryside today as a family & have a picnic by a peaceful river.  Took a seat out of the car for Jenna and she had a comfortable, peaceful place under a tree.  :)  Also, as icing on the cake, Jenna´s story was told on a British TV channel and they prayed for her.  We watched it on the internet.  How cool is that?

Kurt Kettner-Borough tells Jenna´s situation & prays (with thousands of viewers)
 on Revelation TV, broadcasted in England.

Here are some pics from our outing to the countryside:

Boys cannot help but throw rocks into water and climb trees wherever they may be.

Bruce took a seat out of the car for her to hang out in.  ;)

8 May 2014  Glad that Bruce has had a few nice days up near Granada.  He discovered some hot springs and I´m psyched to go back there with him and take the family!!

7 May 2014  Dani got a ¨job¨ teaching dance to our teammates´ daughter who loves dance.  She is solo happy and fulfilled & I´m sure Kayla will be, too!  So happy & thankful for this opportunity for her!

6 May 2014  There are a number of special friends who ¨happen¨ to be passing through Malaga in during May & June.  What a great opportunity to see them right here!  Very encouraged by these special gifts.  Happy for the Henna Session that happened on our front porch!  Not sure what makes Jenna happier, creating art or finally being on the other end of the needle!  jaja

 Like I said, I think wielding that needle was therapeutic!!

5 May 2014  Keep getting cards in the mail that remind us that people have not forgotten about our battle; you are hanging in there with us!  Thank you.  We are indebted.

4 May 2014  Had a great family reunion after Dani being gone at the retreat.  Thankful for our long talk on the porch catching up & enjoying each other´s stories of the weekend.  :)

3 May 2014  Beautiful walk by the beach on this gorgeous day for Jen & Bruce.  Jordan´s team won their game today.  We got to see friends from N. Africa.  I got to hang out for a bit at the latina women´s retreat.  We realized that Jenna has received chocolate from France, Switzerland and Italy this week!!!!!  Merci et Grazie Cristy, Begonia/Almudena y Vanessa!  Everyone is certainly doing their part trying to fatten her up!  :)

2 May 2014  Loved our stroll in the Japanese gardens with Jen this morning.  A friend delivered chocolate from her sister who was visiting from Switzerland.  How do people who don´t even know us love us & do such kindnesses for us??!!  These are Jenna´s absolute favorite chocolates in the world: Batons Kirsch of Lindt.

1 May 2014  Super blessed to eat couscous with friends Rashad & Karima today!  Loved it and loved sharing with them with our whole family.  It is special for Jen to be with Arabs.  :)

30 April 2014  Blessed to be with JoAnn and Nancy who have arrived to lead a spiritual retreat hosted by our team here for latinas.  Glad Jenna could meet them as they have become really special to me and our team women.  :)

29 April 2014  Blessed by my friend Mayra who is a true friend.  Tú eres leal como una leona!  And thanks to Raquel who talked Jenna into her first big outing to the beach!  :)

28 April 2014  Thankful for timely visitors Anabel y Bere; GRACIAS!!  Also, super thankful for the email which told us that our insurance company will make an exception and cover Jen´s nutrition!!!

27 April 2014  Thankful for Tia Claudia´s hospitality & love for us;  enjoyed a great lunch at her house after church today!  ;)

26 April 2014  Bruce & I were blessed to spend special time with 2 couples today.  So good for us!

25 April 2014  Blessed by the medical staff who in obvious ways made a huge effort to treat Jenna with much kindness & delicacy; this experience has been much different on many levels (getting the NG feeding tube placed).  Also blessed to have this machine courtesy of Nutricia & a special arrangement with a local pharmacy (we had a lot of logistical & paperwork problems re; this).

24 April 2014  Simple kindness of a neighbor;  gave us some fresh beans from her sister´s garden & told me how to prepare them Andalusian style!  Hugely thankful for good time to walk & talk with Bruce along the beach.  In the evening we had HUGE encouragement from friends Guille, Martin y Steph who came to pray for us and bring some music & worship into our home.  A big encouragement in these difficult days.  Gracias, sois la caña!!

23 April 2014  Received a letter from a friend who took a lot of time to tell her story to us of a similar walk as a university senior with a huge illness and her testimony of her recovery & the big blessings in her life in spite of it all.

22 April 2014  Jenna received a package from special friends Barry & Becky who have walked a similar road with some encouraging materials in it for prayer, listening & reading.  Looking forward to praying the promise-filled healing declarations over her!  Thank you!!

21 April 2014  Thankful for some special time & conversation that Jenna & Jordan had; she had been missing that.  ;)

20 April 2014  The rain was a blessing today although we were sad to not participate in the all-Málaga Easter service held outdoors downtown.  We had our own service at home.

19 April 2014  Blessed to be able to give Jordan his heart´s desire on his 13th birthday - take 4 friends to an amusement park.

18 April 2014  Blessed to have quiet holidays here in Spain right now (we are staying away from all the crowds!).  Jordan is off school, Bruce is technically on sabbatical and we are free to relax.  The guys enjoyed a hike & the girls the beach before lunch today.

17 April 2014  The girls enjoyed merienda with 2 friends (also sisters) whom they have known since we arrived here.  :)

16 April 2014  Received a small package from an Argentine friend with tea to relax me and a handmade rose-scented heart for Jenna.  Her card was pure sweetness.  So thankful for these gestures of kindness.  At night we got to watch a Barcelona-Madrid finals game with these guys.  (Jenna took a long bath!)

15 April 2014  Thankful for Ted & Claudia´s apartment where Jenna hid out while we painted the living room and stairwell.  She wanted to be away from the fumes & that was perfect.  ;)

14 April 2014  Dani passed her Spanish Driver´s test!!!  This is such a victory & will be such a help for her and all of us as a family.

13 April 2014  Went to a Málaga church where Dani had been invited to do a dance.  So proud & happy to all be there as a family (first time we´ve all been to a church together in a long time!)  I took Jen home early and so she did fine.  She was happy to have had worship in community.

12 April 2014  So thankful for our team and the lovely Easter celebration we had today.  Thankful for Jenna´s friends who come to visit and bless her.

Our awesome team!

They celebrated Jordan´s birthday, too!  You guys are the best!!

Lovely weather is allowing us more time on our front porch...
here Jenna & friends visit and drink mate.

11 April 2014  Bruce got back from a two-wk trip and we were able to pull off a surprise birthday for Jordan with his classmates!  He was really touched & we were sooooo happy to be able to make him happy during this difficult year.  We surprised him in a nearby churrería, gave him his long-desired new BMX bike and then we all went out to a nearby field to ride bikes & play futbol.  Later we went home to celebrate as a family with pizza and a BMX cake the girls had made for him.  :)  I hadn´t felt this happy in a long was really great.


Hugs and Hellos and Feliz Cumples...

 Waiting for churros...

Dad brings the BMX bike in; Jordan looks over to me in thanks. :)

The room erupts and everyone surrounds the new bike.  Jordan hugs the whole family.  :)

Out in the field nearby with bikes, fútbol, frisbee, baseball, football & general messing around!

Our family time with Jordan - pizza, of course!

 The girls made him an awesome BMX bike cake!

Happy 13th, Jordan!!

Buenas noches.

10 April 2014  Replaced our 12-hr-old couches and these dear ones helped make it happen.  Gracias, Equipo A & Equipo B!!

9 April 2014  Decided to make an Easter tree as a centerpiece of hope, life & healing for this year.  I for one need to keep some visual symbols in front of me and this is an ideal season to focus on that!

I cut this local olive branch which is loaded with baby fruit & touched it up with decorative eggs.

Some little peeps that our dear friends the Andersons brought with them
 from the US nestle near the trunk.

Our nest of new life.

8 April 2014  Thankful for fútbol where Jordan runs off all that energy, stress & hormones!!

7 April 2014  LOVE coming home and seeing THIS...

6 April 2014  Dr. Nora, an Egyptian woman who has a healing ministry and has been in So. Spain teaching, took time before her flight home to come pray for Jenna.  She prayed especially that Jenna would have children & be able to tell them her testimony someday.  It was very special to hear her pray in Arabic.  :)

5 April 2014  Thankful for a restful day.  :)

4 April 2014  SPECIAL THANKS to all you LOVELY people who helped pay for, donate or buy head scarves for Jenna.  Thinking about losing her hair is HUGE and your care & concern about it has really been special.  You all make our load lighter.  :)

Dani & I both agree that she looks amazing!!

3-4 April 2014  Blessed to visit with Ralph & Joyce who came from our organization´s headquarters and brought lots of love & encouragement from others with them!  They have been friends for many years and have watched us grow up in many ways.  They have listened, made us laugh, lavished gifts on us and brought some much needed ¨Mom & Dad¨ attention on us.  Love those guys!!!

Jenna opening some gifts :)

She received soooo many lovely scarves from some amazing people
 at our organization´s central office.  THANK YOU!!!!!!

2 April 2014  Got serenaded by Jeff Boesel in my living room a half hour before he left for the airport!  Hope my tears were the thank you his heart longed to hear because that is what he got!

Also got a special gift sent up from dear friends in Morocco - Black Cumin seeds recommended by Mohammed himself!  haha  To be made into....what else?  a tea!  Supposed to have great anti-cancer properties.  You guys are really pulling out all the stops!  Thanks, Bonnie!

Also got another special gift from Laura, who just made a trip into Morocco.  With all the oils we try to add to Jenna´s food for extra calories, she brought the famous Argan oil.  The Argan tree, endemic in Morocco, is rather prickly and the fruit, containing nuts are extremely hard to crack.  This makes it labor intensive and expensive.  In earlier times, the Berbers collected the undigested nuts from the poop of goats who climbed the trees and ate their fruit (somewhat like the most expensive coffee in the world - Kopi Luwak - in Indonesia made with coffee beans pooped out by weasels!  I have tried this and it´s not bad.  :) )  So, you can see how we have the most amazing friends ever who buy us all the weird stuff to help bring Jenna back to health!  She also brought Amlou, a delicious blend of ground almonds, argan oil and honey.  Now that should put some fat on her!!

1 April  2014  Received Sandra from France, the Mom Jenna nannied for 4 yrs ago.  She left her 6 boys with Dad and came to bless us for 24 hours.  Her many kindnesses while here, listening ear, prayers, love & sweetness were a fresh wind for us.  The pleasures of hearing and speaking (me struggling!) French was so enjoyable, too, especially for the girls.  :)  We love you, Sandra! Merci, Julien, for taking the boys! And many bisous to all you sweet boys!!

Also, another HUGE BLESSING today was some communication Jenna had with the Dir of her Global Learning Term regarding the 2 other projects due from her term in Lebanon.  It has been impossible to do these during this trying time and she has now been granted an extension to the end of her leave (basically til the end of the year!).  Wow!  What a load off her mind!!  So thankful.

31 March 2014  With Jenna getting so much attention (and gifts, cards & flowers!), it was such an unexpected surprise when an Argentine friend Claudio showed up at the house with a watch for Jordan from his fútbol team, Barcelona!!  Gracias, Claudio!!

30 March 2014  Relaxing, restful Sabbath at home.  Very grateful for the quiet before a busy week.  Plus, we got to enjoy a visit with the Boesels from Colorado in the evening.  It was great sharing chai and brownies (China brownies jaja) with you, Jeff and Deanne!  Thanks for the anti-cancer tea!!

Essiac Tea, amazing anti-cancer properties  :)

29 March 2014  Have had great support for Jordan to get together with other kids which he loves and is super healthy for him; they really look out for us!  His coach is always ready to come pick him up if I ever need it.  :)

28 March 2014  Discovering some needed medical contacts through friends & those who have listened to me rant in these days has been a tangible support!

27 March 2014  UNBELIEVABLY,  after about 3 months of not being able to use my iPhone, it was finally unblocked by Orange!!! It´s a long story here but in summary, if we ever take someone to court, it would be Orange!!

25-26 March 2014  We have seen the kindness of God through His people in so many ways.  Very grateful for food, phone calls, notes, hugs, etc. etc.

24 March 2014  Getting to come home.  :)

22-23 March 2014  Sleepovers with siblings and one with Dad!

21 March 2014  What could be a greater blessing today than being all back together?  Dani arrived safely last night from the US!

20 March 2014  Thankful for people who want to help Jenna be healthy!  Thanks, Laura, for the ¨curds & whey¨!  Thanks, Marlene, for all the goodies you sent!  Thanks, Nell, for the Moroccan body scrub!!

19  March 2014  Jen received a wonderful package from dear friends in France who were part of her time there a few years ago.  Merci, Christine et enfants!!!  Also, received an email from the dear family that she nannied for and were blown away by the news that Sandra (mom of 6 boys!) wants to come down for a day and be with Jen and pray for her!  What amazing people we know!!

18 March 2014  Got blown away by my sweet friend who just wrote and offered to come help me from the US!  Wow.  Just to serve us and help us in any way needed.... can´t believe you people!!!  Love you, tc!!!!

(photo by: hathuyanna)

17 March 2014  Bruce spent the day at the hospital with Jenna.  They both loved that!  And I got a nice break.  :)

16  March 2014  Various visitors, Jordan spent the day with the Ludis and got to skype with Dani who is almost done with her quarter and will be arriving here on Thursday!  We can´t wait!!!!  In spite of a largely discouraging week, these have been happy thoughts and moments; thank you, God.

These 2 best friends are counting the days til they are together!!

15 March 2014 Jen got some special gifts from some friends via Dad:

Thank you, Shari!!  You´re the bomb!  Some sweet toiletries, pj´s and the book 
Jesus Calling - ¨So perfect!¨ smiled Jenna.  :)

Special prayer shawl from some women at the Sider´s home church; thank you Joan & friends!

Plus, another Catán fest with friends Cristy, Leila & Jonathan!

Saturday night brother-sister sleepover!

How cute are they??!!

14 March 2014 Our big blessing today was having Dad come back from his trip!  He literally went from one hospital bed with Grandma, crossed the Atlantic and came to another one!

13 March 2014  On this rough day, it was great to have 2 of Jenna´s friends here...Leila offered Jen her lunch and Raquel came armed with a movie for them to watch.  ;)  I got a phone call from the US from a new friend who has been an oncology nurse for 40 yrs and she helped talk me through the rough spot today & our options for Jenna.  Catherine, you´re an angel!!

Leila brings her offering....haha

Raquel was a great friend today...

12 March 2014  Can´t tell you what a blessing Jordan has been this week.  With all of my comings and goings between hospital & home during his exam week, he has had such a good attitude, has worked hard and has been such a comfort to me while Bruce has been gone!

11 March 2014  Ted & Claudia stayed with Jen while I went home for a few hours to help Jordan study and get him off to fútbol.  Moms at school are actively supporting us.  Steph brought an amazing meal. So weary and so grateful tonight at the same time.  Tio Ted prepared an external HD with tons of movies & series for Jen.  She won´t be bored for the next 5 years!!! Obrigado!!!

10 March 2014 Kory & Laura came by and sat with us for a while.  Thankful.  Finally got the nutrition machine to work and it is humming & pumping calories into Jenna.  :)  Thankful that Bruce can be with his Mom in these important days.  Glad for Jordan´s good attitude to study at the hospital.  :)

9 March 2014  Beautiful day again.  Jordan & I took Jen to the beach for a bit.  Got to skype as a family (Bruce & Dani in CA).  :)

8 March 2014  Beautiful day and we got to go to the beach for a while.  Jordan´s team won his game in the morning so he was happy & encouraged.

7 March 2014  Thankful for the blessing of these friends who came to visit Jenna and just have a fun Catan bash!  Gracias Cristy, Jonatán y Tomy!!

6 March  2014  Thank you to dear Laura who came to care for Jenna while I got out to get my haircut and some much needed errands done!  THANK YOU.  She has also been coordinating some meals & prayer updates to local Malaga friends and that has been AWESOME.  As our friend Amy says, ¨Every cancer family should have a Laura!¨

 Isn´t she great?!  It goes without saying that she is my go-to person for 
costumes; what she doesn´t have she can make!

Also, Jenna got a visit from an old high school friend Lizzie she hadn´t seen in years!  That was so fun for them!  (kicking myself for forgetting to take a pic!)

5 March 2014  Thank you to Ruthi & Azahar who came to be with Jen today while I had a getaway at a botanical park!  I had a great time and Jen did, too.  Ruthi & Azahar have lived life-threatening illnesses in 2 of their sisters and know first-hand about suffering & illness in the family.  They were such a blessing!  (Azahar was the friend who went with Jenna to Kashmir, India a number of years ago).

4 March 2014  Visits and flowers from Dixon, then Anabel & Paula made Jenna smile. :)

3 March 2014  Got my house cleaned & an important appt re: Bruce´s citizenship done!  (That´s a really good day, people!)  Jenna got her nails done with Tia Claudia - first time ever!!!  She stopped biting her nails while in the hospital (how weird is that?!)  But we celebrate all we can!

They forgot to take a pic while there but this is what Claudia did on fb:

2 March  2014  Enjoyed a relaxed day with Jenna.  Saw a movie, talked, relaxed.  Jordan had a great time at some friends´ including watching a big fútbol match!

1 March 2014  Jordan was invited to a friend´s to spend the day and that was so great for him since Bruce left today on a 2-week trip, he has no fútbol game and Jenna is laying low.  Also, Ellers brought over a bunch of videos for Jen and Ted copied 3 seasons of Downtown Abbey for us!

28 Feb 2014  Jenna was visited by 2 of her British high school professors!  A walk back in time.  They brought lovely conversation, wonderful flowers, and, of course, we had tea together!

27 Feb 2014  Our neighbor Antonia brought over a lovely apple cake for Jenna.  :)  Obviously, it´s not lasting long!

26 Feb 2014  Met our oncology Dr. and he was really great.  While we didn´t like his news, we liked him.  :)

25 Feb 2014  Bruce & I enjoyed an Italian meal with our dear friends Alex & Amy.  :)

24 Feb 2014  Had an awesome meeting with a oncology nurse from the US whom I met in church a couple weeks ago.  She has 40 years experience and it was great to be able to ask her all kinds of questions!  Plus, we had some latino friends, 2 couples, come to visit Jenna and serenade her! They are Paraguayan professional musicians and brought a guitar and cajón and sang some Argentine tangos and paraguayan folks songs.  AMAZING!!

Nuria sings a Tango for Jenna
Néstor on guitar, Carlos on cajón

Rocío sings a paraguayan folk song
Néstor on guitar, Carlos on cajón

23 Feb 2014  We count among our great blessings Craig & Stephanie who have a great background in nutrition and all things natural.  Craig has been an amazing source of information and has blessed us with recipes, ideas, books, food and lots of information.  A big shout out to them!!

22 Feb 2014   Had her first outing today down to the sea and then a drive out to the country while the sun was setting!  A beautiful change of scenery for her.

21 Feb 2014  So happy we could bless Daniela yesterday for her 20th Birthday in spite of the distance and circumstances!  We got to sing to her by skype, surprise her with some things and others did, too.  She was soooo happy and that made our day!  These sisters are really looking forward to being reunited on March 20th.  :)

20 Feb 2014  HUGE encouragement came in the form of 2 1/2 dozen pink roses from Justine. :)  Cards & notes from numerous people we don´t even know have come in the mail.  Humbled & touched by all this.

16 Feb 2014  Being able to all wake up in the same place today was AWESOME!!

15 Feb 2014  She came home!!

14 Feb 2014  The Drs say when she feels confident enough to go home she can!!  That is, when she can get some food down and the pain is basically controlled orally, she can continue to recover at home.  ;)  Happy to have a friend stay with Jenna this morning so I could get her room ready!

13 Feb 2014  Jenna received a ¨prayer quilt¨ in the mail today and I will post a pic tomorrow.  Made by a group of loving women at our home church, they prayed for her all while they worked; each stitch represents a prayer or blessing said over her.  HOW COOL IS THAT?!

12 Feb 2014 Our friend Lidia, a nurse, has stayed with Jenna for 2 nights giving Pam a much needed rest and more time at home with Dad and Jordan.  Lidia, you are a blessing!!!

11 Feb 2014 Received some GORGEOUS flowers from the Moms of Jordan´s class at his school.  They have been SO AMAZING, helping us with many things for Jordan!

10 Feb 2014 Happy & grateful for a quiet, private room after being in the busy, sometimes chaotic UCI.

8 Feb 2014  Jenna got a package in the mail from some fiends from APU, her university.  I brought it to her new room and it was so special for her to get news and greetings and well wishes from those special to her.  Thank you, Lisa!!!

7 Feb 2014  So thankful for meals coming our way...I know I would have lost so much weight already if it had not been for friends making our burden lighter in this way...

6 Feb 2014  Got special permission for Jordan to go into the ICU and that was so special to watch!  The two of them couldn´t stop smiling!  (me neither)

5 Feb 2014  Just received LOVELY flowers and chocolates from some dear friends in S. Africa!!  Now is there anything more wonderful than that today? Thanks, Barbosa & Sinara!!

4 Feb 2014  Can I just say how AWESOME our teammates are??  They have been by our side constantly and today when we had the scare about the hemorrhage (see The Latest), within 15 minutes 3 of them were at the hospital, 2 were already there ¨just in case¨ and one more arrived a half hour later.  THANKS, you guys!!!!

3 Feb 2014 So many people praying and writing and calling.  We were not alone all day...different ones accompanied us throughout the day.  It was a long day but a successful surgery for which we give THANKS.

2 Feb 2014  Beautiful day with friends.  Jenna wanted her Dad´s asado for her ¨Last Supper¨ and we definitely stuffed her!  Had a great lunch.  Then we had an amazing time of worship & prayer that was such a blessing and so encouraging to Jenna and to all of us!  THANK YOU, DEAR FRIENDS, FOR THAT AWESOME SEND-OFF!!  We literally ran out of the house from that to go check Jenna into the hospital Sunday pm.

29 Jan 2014 Grateful for Tios Ted and Claudia who spent the afternoon with Jenna.  They have been such a tender lifeline for us in these days since their personal experience with cancer gives them a compassionate & knowledgeable ability to support & give valuable input.  Plus Ted spent a couple of hours with me helping with tech stuff this morning. You guys are the best!  Besos!

28 Jan 2014 So happy today for friends who provided their time & talent to take some photos of Jen for me before she goes through treatment.  She is so gorgeous - inside and out!!  Blessed.

27 Jan 2014  Have been praying for Jordan a lot  & today he had such an encouraging day!  He won a literary contest, had a great soccer training where he finished a difficult run in the top of the pack and is well on his way to preparing for 3 tests this week.  Thank you, Lord, for Your compassion & strength for this dear one...

26 Jan 2014 Went with Jenna to our church of 12 years and it was such an encouragement to see old friends!  They are so loving and expressive of their desire to support and pray for us....

25 Jan 2014  In spite of the disappointment that my husband missed a connecting flight and instead of being home at 4pm he won´t be in til midnight, the Lord provided something fun for each of the kids and I ended up with unexpected time to make a pot of soup and watch a movie!

23, 24 Jan 2014  In an amazingly short time, through various contacts, we were able to confer with 3 Drs. - one local here in Málaga, one very well-known GI Oncologist from up north through an oncology nurse that´s a friend of ours and an oncologist in Boston at Harvard Med - and all agree with the treatment plan proposed.  Was also able to get an appointment next week at MD Anderson in Madrid and if they are in agreement (and there´s no way to save part of Jenna´s stomach), we will proceed with surgery on Feb 3rd.  So thankful that this could be accomplished in such a short period of time!

23 Jan 2014 I have been praying for a smart phone for Jen as her US phone doesn´t work here.  Being able to see her stay connected at this important time, being able to do some things during many hours in the hospital, etc., drove this prayer .  Today God provided a phone for free on unlimited loan to us!!  So thrilled for her!! Thank You, Lord!

22 Jan 2014  Important discussion with the Dr. today and reviewed full results of the PET TAC - no more cancer other than the original umbilical site and what´s in her stomach!  While it´s strange discussing the radical treatment options, both Jenna and I felt an amazing sense of peace while there.

22 Jan 2014   A friend has organized a calendar for people who are offering meals and other practical help.  Wow. So blessed.  I am going to get spoiled!

21 Jan 2014  Prayer is pouring in...more than we´ll ever know.  The inexplicable peace I am experiencing in the midst of all this is incredible and can only be explained supernaturally - the ¨peace that passes understanding.¨

21 Jan 2014  Jenna´s PET TAC is today and fortunately it was a relatively easy test.  While we are anxious to see the results of this definitive full body scan for any additional cancer4 we are also full of peace.

20 Jan 2014  A family drove for over an hour to spend some time to talk and pray with us.  They have two daughters with serious health issues (both have been close to death) and they know this kind of road.

19 Jan 2014  Yesterday at church most of the church gathered around Jordan and I to pray (Jenna was at ¨her¨ church downtown and Bruce was traveling).  We were so loved on & blessed by their prayers that we both lost it.  My absolute favorite part was watching 3 of Jordan´s friends kneeling in front of him, their hands on him, crying out to God for him, his sister and the whole family.  Is there anything like the prayer of a child?  ¨Lord, we believe you can do a miracle for Jordan´s sister...¨  MELT ME!!

19 Jan 2014 God also blessed us by one of these young friend´s of Jordan´s (12 year olds).  He wanted to come over and give Jenna a massage as he had been studying aromatherapy and massage for over a year. He did hands, feet and her back and she was in heaven!!  What an amazing gift from a dear kid.

18 Jan 2014  We cannot believe all the prayer that is going up right now...we literally cannot count it.  Between people we know around the world, the quickness of e-mail and fb and people connecting Jenna´s name to other prayer groups, chains and extended families, we have literally been riding a wave of prayer and experiencing incredible peace!

17  Craig brought over and gifted to us a number of natural products that have been such a blessing to Jenna in her fight for health: raw milk, Swedish bitter herbs, cod liver oil (cinnamon flavored!!), homemade kimchee and some other things.

16 Jan 2014  A friend of ours, Craig, who is a passionate herbalist and naturalist and teaches on Biblical eating, has come over to lend Jenna books and advice and give us links to further important nutritional information to boost her immune system.

15 Jan 2014  Jenna´s good high school friend´s Dad is a well known Dr. in Málaga and has offered to get a second opinion for us as well as check out the reputation of the hospital and Dr. we have been using.

14 Jan 2014  A group of Moms at Jordan´s school told me that I don´t need to send him lunch any more, that they had divided it up among them and would be taking that off my shoulders!  Since it has to be a hot, 2-course lunch, it seriously i
s a huge help!!

14 Jan 2014  Notes of encouragement keep pouring in.  Jenna and I can hardly keep up with e-mail and fb and the phone!

14 Jan 2014  Jenna´s laparoscopy surgery.  No more cancer found!  Jordan and I got to spend the night with her and that was so fun.  ;)

13 Jan 2014 Special prayer time at our home in the evening.  A number of different people who had been wanting to pray for Jenna came over and we had a sweet and powerful time of worship, prayer and sharing of words from the Lord for her.  Super encouraging!

12 Jan 2014  A couple Moms offered to drive Jordan to his practices and many have been inviting him over whenever I have need.

11 Jan 2014  I have back issues and attend a class at a pool 3x a week for that.  It really does me good and with all of the medical tests recently I´ve had to miss a lot.  With the additional stress right now, that is NOT a good combination for me.  My instructor opened up all his classes to me so that I can continue to come; I can go to any of 4 morning classes!

7 Jan 2013 A university friend of Jenna´s, Hector, a talented Mexican musician, composed an instrumental piece on the piano for Jenna.  He wrote out the significance of each part of the song for her and we have been super touched by this offering at this tender time.

December 5, 2013  Dr. Machado Romero operated on Jenna´s umbilical tumor.  Since then, he has followed her case, pushing papers through and moving her through an innumerable number of tests in the two week period over the Christmas holidays.  He has been amazing.

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