THANK YOU for praying with us for Jenna and our family.  Every prayer is a gift to us...

** We are so very thankful for so many people that have accompanied us during this hard year.  Your love & prayers have been a life source to us.  Thank you for every gift of every prayer whether it was whispered, shouted, wept through, laughed through, written, sung, spoken or however you made it - it was a gift to us & will be remembered always by the One who hears.

It seems time to close these ¨daily¨ sections that many of you have come to reference so often but as you think of us in the months to come, please pray for grace & healing in our hearts as we grieve such a special gift to us - Jenna Elisa.  I will continue to make posts about our process but will no longer add to the Daily Pages.  As always, thank you for you love & prayers.  (10 Nov. 2014)

21-25 October 2014

1.  Peace & grace for each one as we process. For respect for each one´s grief process.  For communication and the ability to help console one another.
2.  Thankful for so many lovely people around us and for those writing and calling.

20 October 2014

1.  Strength to receive people again 2-6pm and for the memorial/funeral service at 6pm.  Thankful for all the love people are showing.
2.  Grace to meet our sadness & fatigue.

19 October 2014

1.  A day forever etched in our minds.  Thankful for no more suffering for Jenna & that she is with the One who loves her most.
2.  Thankful for grace to be faith-filled until the very end.  God in His sovereignty didn´t grant healing; He has plans for something better (even if we can´t see it yet).
3.  Praise be to the Shepherd who has led Jenna and all of us this year.
4.  Thankful for our amazing team and a few others who are surrounding us today.

18 October 2014

1.  Thankful that Jenna is without pain although her breathing continues to be quite labored.  Thankful for Lidia & Dani who are handling the meds.   We never leave her side anymore...
2.  Thankful for Dora´s blessings over Jenna & her careful, unhurried ways with her; we are all so blessed.
3.  We are all suffering with Jenna & need His peace and endurance.
4.  Healing!  A miracle!

17 October 2014

1.  Thankful to be at home but there are things that are still unsettled...thankful that CUDECA could come by & help with meds.  Dani & Lidia learned what needed to be administered.
2.  Jenna is doing better on the Cudeca pain meds but her breathing is really disconsoling.  Please pray for her to be comfortable.

16 October 2014

1. Nothing is too difficult for God.
2. Clinging to the One who is Life, even in the face of death...

15 October 2014

1.  Peace, grace, surrender to God´s will.
2.  A miracle.

14 October 2014

1.  Healing.  For Jenna´s breathing.
2.  For details as we work to bring Jenna home - her desire.
3.  Strength.

13 October 2014

1.  Surrender for each one of us.
2.  Healing.

12 October 2014

1.  For Jenna´s sleep and the right balance of meds.
2.  For the balance of faith and the needed process of grief.
3.  Protection over our emotions & wisdom in decisions.

9 October 2014

1.  How to pray after the sobering news of today?  For patient trust, for strength, for faith, for courage...

11 October 2014

1.  For good sleep for Jenna and pain management.  It´s not been so great today.
2.  Thankful for a wonderful prayer time and some helpful conversation about handling this time as a family with some dear friends.
3.  Wisdom for decisions to be made.  Grace for each one and their process.
4.  For HEALING.  God is able.

10 October 2014

1.  So thankful Bruce was able to get back today!!
2.  Thankful that Jenna´s pain is so much better.

9 October 2014

1.  For grace as a parent to deliver devastating news to each of your 3 kids.  For God to wrap them up in His arms and protect them, their emotions, their faith...
2.  Strength, peace and a MIRACLE!!!

8 October 2014

1.  Now that she is back in the hospital we need wisdom for the Drs treating her symptoms in an intensive way.
2.  Healing, healing, healing.
3.  For our minds to be guarded from fear; to hold on to faith in His goodness.

7 October 2014

1.  Pray for the right combination of treatments...she still continues with incapacitating symptoms.
2.  For strength as we are walking this week with Dani working and Bruce gone.
3.  For complete healing in Jenna - physical, emotional, spiritual.

6 October 2014

1.  Thankful for some hopeful new meds to try today and tomorrow; Jenna has had a good, long nap today!
2.  Thankful for a great friend who has agreed to meet with Jenna to talk about stress, emotions and their impact on her physical health.
3.  Super thankful for amazing results from some special labwork Budwig did (outside the country).  It shows there is NO TUMORAL ACTIVITY AT ALL IN HER BODY!!  THANK YOU, GOD!!!  This confirms the PET scan results from a couple weeks ago.  :)  It seems that there IS healing and victory over cancer taking place!  So keep praying!  And we pray for her system to wake up and believe it, too!!

5 October 2014

1.  For a breakthrough!
2.  For strength; we are all weary of this long road.

4 October 2014

1.  For a breakthrough to treat Jenna´s symptoms!
2.  For emotional and spiritual energy in spite of the physical exhaustion to give a little time to life-giving things.

3 October 2014

1.  Discernment in this process for the Drs with her inflamed and congested GI system.
2.  Rest for all over the weekend & safe travel for Bruce from CA to AZ; it was such a short trip to CA because of the Air France strike!
3.  Strength in this long haul which demands perseverance.

2 October 2014

1.  Sleep for Jen.
2.  Successful paracentesis for Jen tomorrow; may it bring her relief.

1 October 2014

1.  Blessings for Bruce on his trip to the US; to CA to see his sister & work on some of his Mom´s paperwork & to AZ to a conference.
2.  For God´s special attention & intervention in any & all emotional elements to Jenna´s illness.
3.  For patience & endurance & strength during this long haul.
4.  For Dani´s new job at Jordan´s school as English monitor and for the dance classes she gives 4 afternoons a week; that we can all adjust to not having her as available.  May God bless our faith in this new phase.

28-30 September 2014

1.  For God to do His deep work as Jenna rests in Him; may she receive and not strive.
2.  Jenna feels so weak & miserable that it is hard to enjoy anything...may God accomplish His purposes and raise her up.

27 September 2014

1.  For God to do His deep work as Jenna rests in Him; may she receive and not strive.
2.  Jenna feels so weak & miserable that it is hard to enjoy anything...may God accomplish His purposes and raise her up.

26 September 2014

1.  Thankful that Dani can teach dance & have that outlet; thank God for work!
2.  We are all feeling extremely weary...may we intentionally pursue the things that are life-giving (exercise, quiet time, fun, friendship, etc.)  I have had a lot of headaches & back pain during the last number of days.

25 September 2014

1.  So thankful for this day for Bruce, Alex and Alfredo to break their 10-day fast!  I have been so touched to watch their love & concern for us on such a sacrificial level.  May the Lord honor their efforts, love & sacrifice.
2.  That Jenna would SLEEP.
3.  That Jordan would be strengthened in his faith and be persevering as he adjusts to his new fútbol coach & team; it´s not been easy.

24 September 2014

1.  For this transition for Jenna to more alone time; pray it will be filled with meaning & that she´ll feel good enough to enjoy it!
2.  Jenna´s symptoms all continue...we pray for healing in body & spirit.

23 September 2014

1.  Thankful for a big but fruitful morning at Budwig with some relief for Jenna.
2.  While Jen has had a better day, there is still a lot of throwing up.  Please continue to pray especially for her to be able to sleep.

22 September 2014

1.  Thanking Him for a beautiful last day with Ruthi.
2.  So thankful for the great Pet scan results:  no cancer picked up at all!!!!!  (There could still be some really small tumors as was true with her last Pet scan but it is still the best possible news!!!)
3. Still really crying out for a breakthrough physically with Jenna.

21 September 2014

1.  For sleep for Jenna.
2.  For the nausea & vomiting to stop; for God´s touch on her system.
3.  For a good day for Jen & Ruthi tomorrow; Ruthi´s last day.

20 September 2014

1.  PLEASE PRAY that Jenna can sleep tonight.  She has really had a hard time & is exhausted.  This doesn´t help the cause at all!
2.  That God would align & regenerate her GI system under His power.
3.  That God would really bless Jenna & Ruthi´s last few days together before Ruthi has to go back to Argentina.  We are so sad that she has to go!

19 September 2014

1.  God, bless the results and give insight to the Drs from the tests Jenna will do today.
2.  God, please honor the fasting & prayers of Bruce as her father, the 2 men joining him and others who are fasting & praying at different times right now.

18 September 2014

1.  Longing for a breakthrough.
2.  That God will bless those fasting & praying for Jenna this week in Málaga; may He manifest His work.
3.  Ruthi is only here until Tuesday; I can´t believe it´s already been almost a month!  Would you ask God to bless her for her love & service to Jenna?  And also, if Jenna could have just one good day so they could go out and do something...that would be such a gift.

17 September 2014

1.  Healing and sleep.
2.  That God will answer in mighty ways the prayers & fasting going on this week in Málaga for Jenna.  I am so touched by so many offering time and sacrifice on behalf of our daughter.
3.  Clarity & wisdom in this stage; appropriate strategies for Jenna´s care.

16 September 2014

1.  Pray for deep sleep and for to use some of the helpful tools she has learned about anxiety.  ¨The mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.¨   (Rom 8:6)
2.  Clarity as we gather information this week at the various appointments.
3.  A growing faith in His goodness, sovereignty and power.

15 September 2014

1.  Please pray that Jenna can SLEEP DEEPLY.
2.  We need clarity on Jenna´s reality and how to proceed at our appt at Budwig tomorrow.
3.  Continued faith in the face of discouraging realities.

14 September 2014

1.  Peace & rest.
2.  Faith & encouragement.

13 September 2014

1.  Healing.  Encouragement.  Hope.  Surrender.  Overwhelming sense of Father-LOVE.
2.  Clarity, faith, patience in these complicated days.

12 September 2014

1.  ENCOURAGEMENT for Jenna.  She is so weary of being in pain and of bad news.  She is fearful that this is ¨the beginning of the end¨.  We proclaim God has the ultimate word.
2.  For SLEEP for Jenna.  It is logical that between pain & anxiety, it has been hard to sleep.  ¨In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety.¨   Ps. 4:8

11 September 2014

1.  No answers today; just tests.  Pray that there will be wisdom at our appointment with the GI surgeon who will evaluate what to do about her distended abdomen.
2.  There is a team here in Málaga from our region who are very special to us; pray for balance & wisdom as to how to spend time with them at this difficult time for us as a family.
3.  Thankful for Dani who is camping by the beach for 2 nights with 5 other girlfriends; may it be fun & refreshing for her.  Jordan had a good training tonight at fútbol; may the Lord continue to encourage him.

10 September 2014

1.  After seeing the oncologist today, it was determined Jenna will have a test to see if there is some kind of occlusion in her intestines tomorrow morning.  It doesn´t sound fun.  Please pray for her - and for an answer to this.
2.  Dani had a beautiful time with Dora & Amy and feels complete peace to STAY HERE ANOTHER QUARTER.  We are thankful for the process she has led and what it has produced in all of us.  (And of course, we are thrilled to have her here longer!)  May God honor her sacrifice & pave the way for her future.
3.  Jordan is moving forward in his situation with fútbol but still needs prayer for perseverance, motivation, passion - and mostly a word from God that will anchor his decision.
4.  As a family, we have been having some good conversations & there is healing occurring...may we each one cooperate with the Spirit in His personal agenda for each of us.

9 September 2014

1.  Pray for a breakthrough in the constant vomiting & distended, painful abdomen.
2.  Dani has been in a process of discerning God´s voice & will about whether she should go back to university or not.  She is having a special prayer time today with 2 discerning women; pray for confirmation of what to do.
3.  Jordan has been facing a very difficult situation in fútbol & Bruce and I have had a lot of conversations with him in these days.  Pray for God also to speak to him; he feels like God is silent right now.

8 September 2014

1.  Thankful for a restful weekend away; it was a true gift.
2.  Jenna is not feeling any better and we pray for a breakthrough to move forward again!
3.  The Lord is doing some healing in our family; may it continue and may we each cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

3 September 2014

1.  Thankful for the positive & helpful appointment with the Oncologist last night.
2.  For deep sleep for Jen; it is very hot and with all the discomforts, she is having a very hard time of it. Being constantly tired does not help your morale.
3.  For a protection over our hearts as we are all overwhelmed with many emotions & issues.  It has been a heavy year and sometimes everything seems to surface & we need lots of grace with one another.  ¨Do not withhold your mercy from me, O Lord; may your love and your truth always protect me.¨   Ps. 40:11

2 September 2014

1.  For deep healing for Jenna at this discouraging time.  For discernment for the Drs as they evaluate the scan taken today (we´ll see the oncologist tomorrow).
2.  We each need to hear from the Lord on different things; may we make the time & space & be attentive.
3.  Bruce faces a lot of pressure with the new role this fall and with uncertain family circumstances it is very difficult for me to commit to things for this year alongside him.  Would you pray with us for sensitivity to His voice, healthy communication on realistic expectations & wisdom regarding this    year´s work?

1 September 2014

1.  For Bruce as he ends his sabbatical (a complex endeavor this year) and begins his new role for OC in the region.
2.  For a breakthrough in Jenna´s health situation; she has been miserable.  Today was a bit better after Randy & Dora were here praying for her.

28-31 August 2014

1.  After her 5 friends left, Jenna has been in bed.  It has been an awful repeat of vomiting and GI congestion .  She has also had terrible abdominal pain radiating to her back, something rather new.  She has not slept well at all and neither have I since she has slept with me for a few nights.  Please pray for this ¨down¨ time, somewhat expected after the huge output during the 10 days of guests.

21-27 August 2014

1.  That Jenna would enjoy all her friends that have come to be with her at this time; that they would help fill her cup.
2.  That the Lord would help us as a family to manage all the activity & find time for ourselves, too.  :)

20 August 2014

1.  Today is Bruce & my anniversary.  This hasn´t been an easy year as a couple or as a family...would you pray for deep love & grace in our relationship?  That we could grow in our intentionality to pursue love & communication as we continue to journey together.  Thank you!

19 August 2014

1.  That Jenna will be deeply blessed on this birthday.  A number of weeks ago we had NO idea what this birthday would look like...yet here she is, joyful and beautiful among some of her dearest friends who are honoring her with their efforts to visit her from all around the world.

16-19 August 2014

1.  As Jenna´s friends arrive, pray that we can honor them well for their big effort to come be with Jenna.  Pray for her & her energy level, ability to say No and rest when necessary & to find the special one-on-one time with each one.  Carolina leaves on the 24th and the other 4 leave on the 27th.
2.  Pray for our health & balance as a family in this ¨crazy chaos¨ at our house.
3.  I have been fighting a terrible sore throat that does not seem to want to go away & it´s really affecting my sleep & energy.

11-15 August 2014

1.  That this family vacation week, with it´s necessary limitations, will be refreshing, fulfilling & restful.
2.  For special protection over Jenna´s health during this time.

8-10 August 2014

1.  Thankful for successful Port surgery.  :)
2.  Thankful for finishing Phase 2 of our Patio Project.  :)
3.  Thankful that 3 of Jenna´s best TCK friends can come to Spain for 10 days!

7 August 2014

1.  For Jenna´s minor surgery tomorrow morning 10:30am to put her new Port in!
2.  That Jenna can return to nutrition (TPN) and recover some weight.
3.  That we can finish this Patio Project tomorrow.

6 August 2014

1.  Starved tumors, strengthened immune system, intestines to wake up & do their job.
2.  For our August calendar...that the Lord will order everything.
3.  For physical strength.

5 August 2014

1.  For perseverance & strength in this busy week.
2.  For our family communication to be blessed.

4 August 2014

1.  That her immune system will soar in strength!
2.  For physical strength during this week at Budwig each morning and the caos at home with the patio project going on.
3.  Thankful for friends who pray.

3 August 2014

1.  For any tumors to be starved, for her GI system to "wake up", for her immune system to sky rocket.
2.  For mental fortitude in the ups and downs.
3.  Thankful for plans for some family vacation the 2nd week of August.  May they be renewing in every way.
4.  Thankful for a great father/daughter day that Bruce & Dani had yesterday at the botanical gardens.

2 August 2014

1.  For Jenna´s fever to rid her body of whatever it´s fighting & for her energy & desire to eat to return.
2.  That the Lord would give wisdom & creativity on what could be a viable family vacation the 2nd week of August.
3.  That the Holy Spirit would have His way with each one of us individually & as a family.

1 August 2014

1.  In this time without TPN, that Jenna´s appetite & capacity to eat would steadily increase and that potentially she could switch to nutrition via the J-tube instead of by IV.
2.  For all fear about eating, weight gain, calories, etc. to be defeated.  ¨Perfect love casts out fear.¨
3.  For our communication & planning about what August should look like for our family, what Jen is capable of, if we can do another getaway, etc. We need to evaluate our needs & desires, time available before more company comes, and our budget.  We need His insight.

31 July 2014

1.  That any tumors would be starved & that all the nerves would ¨wake up¨ in Jenna´s GI system.
2.  Attentiveness to the Holy Spirit and what He wants to do in each one.

30 July 2014

1.  SO thankful for Becca & Katelyn´s visit; they´ve been a breath of fresh air & Jenna has had a blast!
2.  Thankful that the Port minor surgery went well today and that Jenna is eating more by mouth.  Since she will have to be without nutrition for another week, it´s a good thing!
3.  Perseverance in this intense medical time - the commitment to Budwig every morning is tiring but worth it.

29 July 2014

1.  For spiritual sensitivity during this time.
2.  That we can enjoy this time of improvement and BE THANKFUL!
3.  For continual & complete healing in Jenna´s GI system.

28 July 2014

1.  We need wisdom re: Jenna´s J-tube site.  The Drs don´t know why she has so much pain.
2.  No new Port today but she is eating more so she is not losing too much weight.  Please keep praying that any exiting tumors would be starved and that all the nerves would awaken to their proper function.

27 July 2014

1.  Healing for Jenna´s Port and her J-tube site.  The J-tube is causing her quite a bit of discomfort.
2.  Lord willing, she´ll be getting a new Port tomorrow; this is a short procedure with local anesthesia.
 I´m sorry she has to get another one of these and have yet another scar.  :(
3.  Balance in our home in all respects.

26 July 2014

1.  Healing for Jenna´s port & a smooth resolution to this on Monday (they will probably do a short procedure to put in a port on the other side).
2.  Perseverance in the next 2 intense weeks medically.
3.  Thankful for joy & laughter in our home in spite of it all!

25 July 2014

1.  Healing for Jenna´s port; there is high risk of infection in her bloodstream from the local infection.  They are not sure why this has developed.
2.  Spiritual sensitivity to know how to pray during this time.
3.  Fun & encouragement with Becca & Katelyn.  :)

23-24 July 2014

1.  Spiritual fortitude as we begin Jenna´s alternative treatment.  For effective treatments that will encourage healing & wellness.
2.  For an encouraging visit with Becca & Katelyn who will be here for 10 days.  ;)
3.  For balance with our kids and in our marriage; these next 2 weeks will be intensive for us with Jenna.

22 July 2014

1.  Adjustment back to real life!  Both cars broke down, the house needs cleaning, we need clean clothes and groceries and to catch up on emails and other depressing after our blissful 3 days away.

21 July 2014

1.  Healing for Jenna´s port site and for lessening of pain at her J-tube site.  That the Drs will have wisdom in how to proceed.

18-20 July 2014

1.  Rest, healing, recreation, spiritual renewal on this special weekend away together.

17 July 2014

1.  Tomorrow midday we leave for a 3-day getaway!  Pray that we will be restored on multiple levels, enjoy lots of fun and have good spiritual conversations.
2.   Before any trip it seems like there is so much to do & this one is no exception.  I don´t seem to have much resistance to additional stress & need to be realistic & communicate with others my needs (and listen to theirs).
3.  Thankful that Jenna is eating a bit; may it continue!  And may those intestines continue to prosper!!

16 July 2014

1.  For spiritual insight to know how to pray in alignment with God´s heart.
2.  For our catching up as a family, regrouping, readjusting & sharing many kinds of emotions.

15 July 2014

1.  For joy & renewal as we come back together as a family.
2.  For the deep fatigue we are all experiencing that we can increase avenues of life-giving activities in this more stable time & give ourselves permission to rest more.  (We are going to take a 3-day getaway this weekend!)
3.  For wisdom as we explore holistic options for Jenna.

14 July 2014

1.  Pray that whatever small tumors may be in Jenna´s abdomen will BE STARVED from any blood supply.  (based on Catherine´s vision; see Updates)
2.  Pray that her nutrition will be assimilated by her system, repairing any nerve damage in her GI system & that all her intestines´ function will be be restored.
3.  For wisdom as we proceed in natural/alternative medicine.

13 July 2014

1.   Pray that whatever small tumors may be in Jenna´s abdomen will BE STARVED from any blood supply.  (based on Catherine´s vision; see Updates)
2.  Pray that her nutrition will be assimilated by her system, repairing any nerve damage in her GI system & that all her intestines´ function will be be restored.

12 July 2014

1.  For Bruce & family during this emotional day of celebrating & remembering his Mom´s life.
2.  Pray that whatever small tumors may be in Jenna´s abdomen will BE STARVED from any blood supply.  (based on Catherine´s vision; see Updates)
3.  Pray that her nutrition will be assimilated by her system, repairing any nerve damage in her GI system & that all her intestines´ function will be be restored.

11 July 2014

1.  Pray that whatever small tumors may be in Jenna´s abdomen will BE STARVED from any blood supply.  (based on Catherine´s vision; see Updates)
2.  Pray that her nutrition will be assimilated by her system, repairing any nerve damage in her GI system & that all her intestines´ function will be be restored.
3.  Discernment in how to proceed & adjustment to our new routines.

10 July 2014

1. So amazed by the peace & joy we are experiencing.
2.  For God to bless & honor the prayers of so many!!  Tonight 20 young people gathered in our home to pray & worship & pour out their hearts for Jenna´s healing.
3.  For protection of Jordan´s heart & faith.

9 July 2014

1.  For Jenna´s complete & continual healing.
2.  For wisdom as we consult some natural healing places.
3.  Protection for Jen from germs & bacteria.

8 July 2014

1.  Protection for Jenna from germs as she comes home from the hospital & administers TPN at home.
2.  Spiritual wisdom as we try to help Jordan process these very difficult things.
3.  Patience for Jenna who is at her wit´s end at the hospital!
4.  Comfort & grace for Bruce as he takes care of many details for his Mom´s funeral.

7 July 2014

1.  Comfort & grace for Bruce and all of us at the loss of his Mom.
2.  Patience for the bureaucracy at the hospital for Jen´s TPN at home; she is the first private insurance patient to do this apparently.
3.  Grace & the Holy Spirit´s counsel as we are processing many things surrounding the last week´s events.

6 July 2014

1.  Jenna is really restless & we are all tired of the hospital; it´s almost been a month!  Pray for perseverance.
2.  For our processing of much difficult information this week.
3.  For Bruce who is in California...he didn´t make it to see her one last time but we know she was well-assured of his love & appreciation.  Lord, help us all to grieve as able at this time.
4.  We still look to God for a miracle!!  He always has the last word!!

5 July 2014

1.  May God be with us all in special, tangible ways as Bruce travels again.  (His Mom is in her last days.)
2.  Grace & discernment, encouragement & peace during a most difficult week.
3.  Healing for Jenna.  We are grateful that she is stronger now that she has stopped throwing up, is resting better and has received 2 liters of blood, but we still pray for a completed work.

4 July 2014

1.  That God would be present in our important conversations.
2.  That our visiting pastor and friend, Doug, would be a blessing.
3.  For Jenna as she is slowly letting her friends know of this news; these are very difficult conversations for her.

3 July 2014

1.  For perseverance to be at the hospital until Tues.  Jenna will be ¨in training¨ over these next few days on using the parenteral nutrition equipment.  That she will quickly & efficiently grasp the concepts.  She will have an ¨exam¨ on Tuesday with the head of Endocrinology and if she passes she can go home.  ;)
2.  For the timing on Bruce´s Mom´s looks like she´s in her last days.  We need wisdom & discernment as he just got back & the needs here are great.  We are all sad that we haven´t been able to travel to see her this summer...God knows.
3.  Special grace for Jordan who is feeling overwhelmed with all the sadness & has difficulty expressing it.  Please pray for the rest of us to have grace & discernment with him as we all walk together.

2 July 2014

1.  Grace, grace, grace as we talk as a family & with the medical team about the new reality of TPN at home and not doing chemo.  Believing God for miracles while honestly expressing our fears & doubts.
2.  Wise, spiritual discernment of the medical info being given to us.
3.  For deep encouragement & peace for Jenna.

1 July 2014

1.  So happy to have Bruce back after a very long month.  We have been laughing & crying together.
2.  Jenna has stopped throwing up & is sleeping better.  Today she got 2 bags of blood & all of this should be giving her some renewed energy & strength.  Thank You, God!!
3.  For grace in processing the difficult new realities (see THE LATEST for details) as a family.  That we would find a good balance between optimistic faith & honest emotions & respect each other´s ways (and learn from them).

30 June 2014

1.  For a period of rest to come, a plateau of stability, so we can regather our strength.
2.  For our reunion as a family.
3.  For Dani to make friends & thoroughly enjoy her dance camp this month (10am - 6pm daily).

29 June 2014

1.  For her intestines to be completely emptied out.
2.  For a return of strength & energy after some really difficult weeks physically for Jen.
3.  That we would not give up.  ¨ Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.¨   Is. 40:31

28 June 2014

1.  Pray for Jenna´s intestines to be ¨woken up¨ and to be restored to their normal function.
2.  Pray for a complete stopping of the vomiting & nausea and for a period of rest & stability.
3.  It´s been a long hospital stay & we are tired; pray for perseverance & strength.

27 June 2014

1.  Pray for Jenna´s intestines to be ¨woken up¨ and to be restored to their normal function.
2.  Pray for a complete stopping of the vomiting & nausea and for a period of rest & stability.
3.  It´s been a long hospital stay & we are tired; pray for perseverance & strength.

26 June 2014

1.  Today is Bruce´s birthday.  ¨You crown the year with your bounty, and your carts overflow with abundance.¨  Ps. 65:11
2.  Find the balance of nutrition going in and intestinal movement out. Please prosper this quest, Lord!!
3.  Thankful for healthy getaways & generous friends to provide for Dani & Jordan this week. (Gracias, Esperanza, Ivan y Lorena, Laura & Katie, los Z´s!)

25 June 2014

1.  Protection from discouragement in this long, slow, 2-steps-forward, 3-steps-back road.
2.  Strength for me in Dani & Bruce´s absence.
3.  ¨Find rest, o my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him.  He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.¨ Ps. 62:5,6

24 June 2014

1.  Encouragement & strength from on high after a rough night.
2.  Wisdom for the Drs.
3.  For God to continue to align & renew Jenna´s GI system; especially the intestines.

23 June 2014

1.  Pray Isaiah 26:3 ¨You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.¨ for all of us.
2.  For Jenna´s body´s adjustment to the new nutrition; that God will continue to bring healing & renewed function to her entire GI system.
3.  For rest & renewal for Dani; that her trip to Morocco will be a huge blessing to her.

22 June 2014

1.  We are so saddened by our friend Rebecca´s death.  Only 19, she died from a genetic liver disease that one of her sisters also has and who survived a double liver transplant.  This family is dear to us & the reality of death & that there are no guarantees for any of us has hit us hard.  Pray for the Pedroche family and Rebecca´s 4 surviving siblings.  (The oldest is the one who went with Jenna to Kashmir India a number of yrs ago.)
2.  Pray for ¨perfect love which casts out fear¨ to be Jenna´s reality in the face of this untimely death.
3.  Renewal for Dani.  She is exhausted.

21 June 2014

1.  They plan to start nutrition through the new tube today!  We are excited and pray for God to smooth the way, to make this successful to meet her needs, to truly let it usher us into a new season of moving forward.
2.  Complete healing over Jenna´s sore body.  Strength for Dani & I as we attend to the various needs & issues.

20 June 2014

1.  Healing from this surgery.  complete healing for her entire GI system.
2.  Grateful for GRACE to help Jordan finish a difficult school year very well!!
3.  Bruce needs GRACE & WISDOM from God as he continues to travel and assess his Mom´s health.  Pray that God will guide him in making any necessary travel changes.

19 June 2014

1.  Thankful that everything seems to have gone well.   THRILLED that the surgeons said her INTESTINES ARE LIKE NEW, AS IF THEY HAD NEVER SEEN AN OPERATION!!!
2.  Pray for His touch, for complete healing on her entire digestive track & quick recovery from surgery to be able to move on.

18 June 2014

1.  For a successful jejunostomy!!!!!!
2.  Thanking Him for this move forward.  :)

17 June 2014

1.  Soooo thankful for the news about the J-tube!!! (see Latest)
2.  Thankful that Dani has 2 leads on a summer job (there is 50% unemployment in the 18-25 year-old bracket so this is amazing).
3.  Thankful that Jordan aced his make-up math exam (a difficult subject for him).

16 June 2014

1.  For encouragement & stamina.
2.  For movement forward out of this place we´re stuck in.
3.  For God to SHINE LIGHT on Jenna´s situation.

15 June 2014

1.  For answers to Jenna´s complex situation.
2.  Strength for Dani & I as we hold down the fort.  A summer job for Dani.
3.  Motivation for Jordan in his last week of school.

14 June 2014

1.  Wisdom as we deal with Drs. & the medical system.
2.  Help as we communicate with Bruce - that we can enter into each other´s worlds.
3.  Hope.

13 June 2014

1.  Protection from discouragement.
2.  Protection over our faith as it is being tried.
3.  Physical strength & emotional & spiritual renewal.

12 June 2014

1.  Pray for clarity, light , discernment for the medical team re: her case.
2.  Strength & perseverance for us.

11 June 2014

1.  She was admitted this eve to the hospital.  May the Creator of Jenna´s body give light & wisdom to the medical team.
2.  Strength & perseverance; we are weary & tired of no resolution to this issue.
3.  For Jordan´s concentration & motivation during finals week & futbol tryouts.
4.  For Bruce to hear from the Lord in this portion of his sabbatical; his heart is here with us & our situation is rightly distracting.

10 June 2014

1.  For discernment for the Drs.; strength for us.
2.  Jordan is being tried out for a higher level competitive team; may God´s will be done & may he play to his utmost.  (He played really well tonight in a game against a Swiss team!)
3.  Jenna is super discouraged as she has lost 2 more kilos.  She is very weak from lack of calories & nutrition and exhausted from throwing up.

9 June 2014

1.  The oncologist was very concerned and consulted with the GI Drs for a new med which we will try.  Please pray for a solution, a breakthrough to this terrible problem of throwing up constantly.
2.  We need strength; we all feel like we´ve hit a wall emotionally & physically.
3.  For Jordan in final exams this week.

8 June 2014

1.  Pray as we go to the hospital tomorrow for answers for this constant trouble with vomiting.
2.  Strength & perseverance for dear Jenna.
3.  For His strength to be tangible at this time of year, while Bruce is gone & with these constant struggles for Jenna.

7 June 2014

1.  The vomiting has started back up & Jenna had to turn her machine off most of the day.  Not good for calories but it did slow down the throwing up.  Please pray for this to stop.
2.  Jordan needs concentration & motivation for his finals.
3.  We are all tired; it´s the end of the year ad it´s been rather stressful lately.

6 June 2014

1.  Thankful Jenna is doing well.
2.  Jordan has exams every day next week; he asks for the ability to concentrate & be motivated this weekend.
3.  Dani got some help for her back today in physical therapy.  She needs more work so let´s pray for ongoing healing for her.  She also would love to have a summer job...with 50% unemployment for her age group, it will take a miracle!

5 June 2014

1.  Chemo started last night and so far, so good.  Join us in praying for effectiveness of it & protection over her immune system.
2.  Grace for our household as Dad is gone and there is a lot going on.  So glad Jenna got to come home today!

4 June 2014

1.  Supposedly chemo starts today so please pray for peace, effectiveness of the medication & minimal side effects.  They are putting her on the lowest thing they can.
2.  Bruce travels to Canada/US today and will be gone til July 3rd.  Please pray for strength for Pam & all at home and a spiritually & relationally God-profitable time for Bruce.
3.  Grace for Jordan who is in final exams, fútbol tryouts for next year and all that´s going on with his sister.

3 June 2014

1.  For clarity at the hospital as to how to proceed with Jenna & when is the right time to start chemo.
2.  For peace & our family time together as this is NOT how we envisioned this last day with Dad before his big trip!
3.  For Dani who has some back issues from dance & seems to be getting Dad´s cold.  We need a healthy family!

2 June 2014

1.  Today´s Oncology appt was a surprise as they told us they want to start chemo (see The Latest).  They want to admit Jen to the hospital & give her a boost of nutrition & IV liquids and give her the first round.  We need peace!
2.  A GI Dr brought up the subject of a J tube (feeding tube through the abdomen) & we were surprised but encouraged that someone would advocate that for us.  We need wisdom for that.
3.  With chemo & a possible minor surgery (for a J tube) in the air and Jenna going into the hospital tomorrow, let´s just say that today has been turned upside down with these new events!  Plus Bruce leaves Wed am.

1 June 2014

1.  For a good deep sleep for Jenna tonight without her NG tube (see The Latest).
2.  For medical wisdom & discernment for Jenna´s ongoing critical situation with vomiting & an inefficient GI system.
3.  For spiritual eyes to answers to prayer.

31 May 2014

1.  For discernment & sensitivity for all those praying during the Pray Jenna 24 event today.
2.  For deep encouragement, healing & miracles for Jenna.

30 May 2014

1.  That He would open our eyes to see the ¨greater glory¨.
2.  That those who are watching us walk through this see the love & sweetness of Jesus.
3.  For release from anxiety about when Jenna will be ready for chemo...she was due to start mid-March and her low weight & strength is prohibiting that.  She is getting worried she won´t be done to be able to go back to school in Jan.

29 May 2014

1.  For blessing on Saturday/Sunday´s prayer day!  May we see a breakthrough!!
2.  We need to continually work at coming together in the midst of pain & frustration as a family...sometimes its easier to stay in your own world.  May we be intentional & giving.
3.  Perseverance to pray through this difficult time of vomiting...we are getting discouraged & the Drs have no more answers.

28 May 2014

1.  For the nausea & vomiting to´s been sooooo long.
2.  That she will be able to begin to eat as well as take in the liquid nutrition.

27 May 2014

1.  That Jenna´s body will get hungry so she can begin eating by mouth again.
2.  That she can find the right balance of activities & rest, of people & time alone.
3.  That as a family we can take full advantage of this week before Bruce goes on a long trip.

26 May 2014

1.  For each one of to continue cooperating with the HS and His agenda for each one.
2.  For discernment & perseverance in prayer.
3.  For wisdom & patience in responding to people who ask about Jenna.

25 May 2014

1.  It´s hard to understand with so many people praying for this nausea & vomiting to stop that it is still an issue!  What happens to people who aren´t prayed for?!  We keep banging on the door...
2.  Discernment & sensitivity in how to pray, in what to ask for.
3.  For good fun, family times this week.

24 May 2014

1.  For Jenna´s encouragement & perseverance under these difficult & continual challenges.
2.  For love, unity and healthy affirmative communication within our family.  (We are thankful & encouraged for things we have seen in each one this week.)

23 May 2014

1.  Thankful that Jenna can come home.  Thankful that Bruce is back from Istanbul.  We are all under one roof again. :)
2.  For Jen´s adjustment to home and managing things here again more on her own.
3.  For Jenna´s digestive system to adjust!  God can do this.

22 May 2014

1.  For peace in our home, good communication, adjustment as Jenna comes home tomorrow and Bruce gets back from his trip.
2.  For strength for Jenna; for increasingly less nausea & more nutrition each day.

21 May 2014

1.  That she can get up to 1200 calories each day for enteral nutrition.
2.  For strength & patience for us; this hospital stay is getting long - almost 2 wks.

20 May 2014

1.  That each of us would cooperate with the Holy Spirit and His personal agenda for each one.
2.  For Jenna to increasingly experience less nausea & more nutrition each day.
3.  That she could come home soon!!

19  May 2014

1.  For strength for me (Pam) as Bruce is in Istanbul this week.
2.  For the vomiting to stop.  For Jenna´s GI system to speed up & be restored so that she can handle nutrition, food & assimilate nutrients properly.
3.  For peace & determination during this major interruption in Jenna´s progress.

18 May 2014

1.  For us to each embrace Col 3:12-14  ¨clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.  Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance againse someone.  Forgive as the Lord forgave you.  And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.¨  
2.  For strength - hospital time is very wearying to us as a family.  I am always running back & forth and divided between house & hospital.  It´s tough on Jordan.  It´s tough to be divided in 2 places as a family.  May we cheerfully do what needs to be done & have discernment to know what doesn´t.

17 May 2014

1.  For family love & unity.
2.  For the vomiting to stop.  For discernment for the doctors.

16 May 2014

1.  We PRAY for fortitude for Jenna who has to learn to live with this NG tube while putting up with the vomiting.  PLEASE PRAY FOR THE VOMITING TO STOP!  There seems to be no other way but through prayer.
2.  Trust in the One who holds time and all medicine in His hands.
3.  That each of us would cooperate with the Holy Spirit and His personal agenda for each one.

15 May 2014

1.  We continue to ask God for a clear diagnosis - and therefore, a clear line of treatment.
2.  For patience, perseverance & strength.
3.  That we would trust deeply in spite of this setback that doesn´t seem to make sense.

14 May 2014

1.  That this test tomorrow would reveal something important to the diagnosis.
2.  That Jenna´s body would accept the NG tube - her source of additional nourishment.
3.  That this could be resolved soon so we can have her back home, be all together again & keep going on this road to health & strength.

13 May 2014

1.  Clear diagnosis & stopping of the vomiting.
2.  Patience & perseverance.

12 May 2014

1.  For clarity on a diagnosis & treatment for the constant vomiting.
2.  For patience in this setback; may God double the results in the days to come!
3.  Bruce is on a 2-day retreat; that the Holy Spirit will direct this important time.
4.  For Jordan´s fun & safety at his 4-day camping trip with his class; that he will walk with integrity among his friends.

11 May 2014

1.  Thankful that Jenna is stable & keeping a positive outlook of trust.
2.  For a daily progression at the hospital of improvement & wise medical advice.
3.  That Jordan will enjoy his 4 days of camping with his class without feeling anxious about his sister.

10 May 2014

1.  For revelation for the Drs to discern what is wrong with her.
2.  For protection from discouragement & stopping of the vomiting.

9 May 2014

1.  For complete healing from the nausea so she can get back on track again; her has gone lost the 2 kilos she had gained.  :(
2.  For perseverance & encouragement.  Freedom from fear of eating, vomiting.
3.  Spiritual & emotional protection for our family.

8 May 2014

1.  Jenna is somewhat better this evening.  Pray she can completely stop vomiting, that there will be healing from whatever this is and that nutrition can be re-started tomorrow.
2.  Renewed strength, encouragement for her.

7 May 2014

1.  That Jenna will stop throwing up & that the Drs will have wisdom to know what to do!  (Had to go to the ER today.)
2.  Strength & encouragement at this unexpected set-back.

6 May 2014

1.  Increased activity, appetite & energy for Jen.
2.  That we will keep our eyes on Jesus.
3.  For creative outlets for each one in dealing with the weight of this over many months.

5 May 2014

1.  For continued weight gain & assimilation of nutrients.
2.  For peace for each family member; that we can be mutually encouraging.
3.  For wisdom for the Drs. on when to begin chemo.

4 May 2014

1.  So thankful that Jenna has gained 2 kilos! Thank you for praying!
2.  Dani had an AWESOME weekend and God blessed all the women who were there.  :)
3.  Continue prayers for us to be attentive to His movement & voice.

3 May 2014

1.  Increased activity, appetite & energy for Jen.
2.  That Dani will be a blessing & receive blessing at the latina women´s retreat.
3.  That we will each be attentive to God´s voice in this journey.

2 May 2014

1.  Ditto  :)

1 May 2014

1.  That Jen will find the balance of exercise & activity level to increase her appetite (the sudden additional nutrition can satiate her).
2.  For God´s wisdom in decisions to be made regarding Bruce´s travels.
3.  That Dani will be a blessing as she serves this long weekend for a women´s spiritual retreat for latinas.

30 April 2014

1.  Thankful for nutrition, 1500 calories, that Jenna can be at home & for a solid, working machine.
2.  Weight gain, changes in energy level & activity levels.
3.  For practical, intentional love within our family.

29 April 2014

1.  SO THANKFUL that our insurance company has agreed to cover this nutrition for Jenna!!!
2.  That Jen will find the balance of exercise & activity level to increase her appetite (the sudden additional nutrition can satiate her).
3.  Both transparency & strength for our family.

28 April 2014

1.  For wisdom each day to find the balance between activity, hunger, calories, assimilation of food, etc.
2.  For perseverance to grow through this challenge:  Romans 5:3,4  ¨...we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.¨
3.  For increased focus & intentionality among our family to show love to one another in practical ways that are meaningful to each.

27 April 2014

1.  For weight gain!  And continued grace for Jenna.
2.  For increased strength & emotional health for all of us; the months seem to drag on right now.
3.  That we can each find ways of connecting with God during this crisis which has diminished our strength & ability to concentrate.  That we wouldn´t be stuck in old ways but be open to hearing from Him new & fresh approaches to life as it is right now.
4.  That our insurance company will agree to an exception and pay for this nutrition at home!  (For whatever reason, it´s the only thing that hasn´t been covered of what we´ve needed so far for Jenna.)

26 April 2014

1.  So very thankful for how much grace Jenna has had with the tube!  Your prayers are being answered in amazing ways!
2.  Bruce and I have each had some good opportunities to talk about lots of things and also with a few trusted friends; this has been really important to our mental & emotional health.  Please pray that each of the kids can also have this outlet regularly with a trusted friend.  Also that we can find healthy ways to talk as a family about the many loaded emotions going on in us during this long crisis.

25 April 2014

1.  Praise God for His mercy!  This experience has been much easier than the first!
2.  Thankful for some important conversations at home.
3.  For technological mercies with this machine & for weight gain!

24 April 2014

1.  GRACE for Jenna who is having the NG tube placed tomorrow at 9am.
2.  That we can all joyfully encourage her even when we are weary.
3.  For LOVE in our home, spiritual breakthroughs, GRACE for each moment.
4.  For Jordan who is ¨mad at God¨.  That we can help him grow in trusting at this critical faith juncture.

23 April 2014

1.  Ditto April 22!!
2.  Just found out our insurance doesn´t cover the nutrition at home that we need for Jenna.  Can´t believe it!  We are appealing for an exception for medical necessity.  Pray this can be worked out; it´s very expensive.

22 April 2014

1.  Pray for Jenna who needs MUCH GRACE to bear up the inconveniences of the NG tube.  Pray she can focus on the good it will bring her.
2.  That the Spirit will have His way in each of us as we wrestle with His dealings with our character & reactions under stress.

21 April 2014

1.  We need emotional resilience & extra grace with one another; we are all under fire in different ways.
2.  Pray for Jenna as she continues to process the upcoming NG tube; she is not looking forward to it.  May those of us around her be grace-filled and encouraging.

20 April 2014

1.  Thankful for His awesome resurrection power!
2.  May we continue to hope in His healing power...even when there are delays and things beyond our comprehension.

19 April 2014

1.  Rejoicing with Jordan for his special day with friends today at an amusement park.  It has done him good to have this special attention right now.
2.  Thankful for some of Jenna´s recent artwork & the release that brings her.  Pray she will have strength & inspiration to keep this up.

18 April 2014

1.  Thankful for restful days this Easter holiday week.  It´s been good for us.
2.  May we all be aware & thankful of His amazing love on the cross for us.
3.  May the Holy Spirit Himself give us renewed Hope & Comfort.

17 April 2014

1.  Grace for Jen.  May God help her get mentally prepared for the discomfort of the NG tube, focusing on its benefits.
2.  May each of us be captivated by His love for us and eager to love each other in whatever way is required.

16 April 2014

1.  Grace for Jenna as she processes needing to return to the NG tube (per the Dr today).  She really had a hard time with it before but it will give her extra nutrition.
2.  Thankful for a new prescription for relaxing the muscles of the esophagus.
3.  Grace & openness as a family to one another.

15 April 2014

1.  Jenna´s spasms are worsening - they come both when she´s eating and when she´s not eating.  She needs relief from this.
2.  Peace & grace to receive whatever the Drs decide as far as additional nutrition (a J-tube or the NG tube).
3.  Thankful to finish a big painting job and for a place for Jen to spend the day & night to not be in the fumes.

14 April 2014

1.  Thanks to God for helping Dani pass her Driver´s Test!
2.  Jenna is having a lot of spams that are impeding her eating.

13 April 2014

1.  Thanks to the Lord for the special opportunity to be in church as a family & watch Dani dance.  It was Jenna´s first time in a while to worship in community.
2.  For Jenna to gain weight!  Each calorie is valuable.

12 April 2014

1.  Love & grace in family relationships.
2.  Peace in the waiting for Tuesday´s decision.
3.  God´s miracles in Jenna´s physical body.

11 April 2014

1.  That we can adjust to each other´s worlds as Bruce returns from a 2-wk trip of sabbatical; that we can all bless each other.
2.  That Jenna can hold down & assimilate as much as possible.
3.  That we will exercise quiet trust until Tuesday´s decision is made known to us re: additional nutritional support.

7,8,9,10 April 2014

1.  That we can communicate clearly with the Drs.; we are waiting for word on how to proceed re: additional nutrition for Jenna & dealing with the overlap of disciplines has been confusing.
2.  That we can extend much grace to one another under the stress of cancer.
3.  That Jordan will feel extra special & blessed on his birthday this week; he needs a lift!

6 April 2014

1.  Peace for Jenna as we approach an important week.
2.  Spiritual renewal for Bruce.
3.  Many details of life for Jordan and Daniela.

5 April 2014

1.  Healing.  Rest.  Unity.
2.  Peace for the medical decisions to be made this week.
3.  That Jen would be able to eat & assimilate all the nutrients she takes in.

4 April 2014

1.  For family unity.  Stress is bringing out the best & the worst in us.  May each one of us receive and grant needed grace in these stretching days.
2.  For Bruce´s sabbatical days in Cyprus - for spiritual refreshment & renewal.  We bless him to do this but it is not easy either (for him or for us).

3 April 2014

1.  Thankful that Jenna´s weight is hanging in there (we have no idea how!)  May God DO MIRACLES and allow her to GAIN and ASSIMILATE what she takes in.
2.  For tangible physical strength, renewed like the wings of eagles.

2 April 2014

1.  That Jesus, NOT cancer, will be our continual focus.
2.  That God will do a miracle in these next 2 weeks to renew Jenna´s strength & allow her to assimilate food before chemo.

1 April 2014

1.  That we will receive all God has through our special guest Sandra, here from France to bless us.
2.  For peace of heart as we wait for resolution to various medical issues.

30 March 2014

1.  Thankful for a good, long appointment with an understanding endocrinologist.  We pray that God´s finger would be on each Dr to bring good counsel in each situation.
2.  Trust in God that He is over all, He is in control and He does all things well.

29 March 2014

1.  Quiet spirits to be discerning & preparing for Monday´s appointments.
2.  Energy for all of us; the stress is very wearying.

28 March 2014

1.  For our 2 appointments on Mon with 2 other endocrinologists; that someone will be open to the extra nutrition at home.
2.  Strength, patience, courage in this fight.

27 March 2014

1.  Comfort as we assimilate all the details about chemo.
2.  Strength & discernment as I advocate for additional nutrition at home for Jenna.
3.  Inner strength for Jordan who is showing signs of weariness with all of this - not wanting to go to school....even not wanting to play soccer which is really concerning to me.

25-26 March 2014

1.  For Jenna´s body to accept & assimilate well her food.
2.  That God´s hand would be over Bruce as he travels & the rest of us as we handle many details here.

24 March 2014

1.  As we readjust to being 5 at home again, we need to create new routines that will help Jenna & all of us over the next few weeks.  (Dani will be with us until the end of Sept.)
2.  We need to keep NUTRITION as a priority for Jenna, yet also begin to mentally prepare for chemo.

22-23 March 2014

1.  Need to take in at least 1,000 calories by´s still a struggle.
2.  Pray with us for inner strength for all & honesty in the struggles.

21 March 2014

1.  Daniela has been a joy to have....we are so grateful she is here!!
2.  Thankful for a good day eating and praying for many more!

20 March 2014

1.  Rejoicing that Daniela will join us in Spain tonight!  Pray this will give everyone great encouragement & some fresh energy!
2.  Pray that Jen will not be anxious about eating.  With so much negative stuff around eating (pain, throwing up, pressure on her to take in food), it´s causing fear and that is not helpful!  Lord, give her peace!!

19 March 2014

1.  The Port-a-Cath slipped out of place slightly and caused a lot of inflammation in the area.  They attended to this but we need the inflammation to be completely down so that it can be used for nutrition (another delay until tomorrow!).
2.  Still need breakthroughs in the ability to eat by mouth; it´s very slow going.

18 March 2014

1.  Pray for the procedure Jen will have today under local anesthesia to place a Port for Chemo.  This Port-a-Cath will provide access to a main artery for meds and some nutrition without having to poke so many veins.  Update; this went well.  :)
2.  Peace, strength, patience.

17 March 2014

1.  Nutrition to get in and stay in!!
2.  Strength and patience for us all.

16 March 2014

1.  The reflux med is only working about half the time.  They may do an endoscopy to see more of what is going on.  We need resolution to this.  She needs to be abel to keep food down.
2.   This slow process is extremely wearing; we need a patience that is beyond us!

15 March 2014

1. That they can resolve her constant vomiting problem.  This is priority.
2.  That the Lord would give grace & strength for all of us.

14 March 2014

1.  Now that the NG tube is out and the Jtube in her side is NOT an option, she has to get everything by mouth.  She can get some nutrition by IV for a few days but only in the hospital; she can´t come home with that.  We have no options left.  SHE NEEDS TO GET HER NUTRITION BY MOUTH AND WE NEED GOD´S INTERVENTION.

13 March 2014

1.  That the Drs can offer us tomorrow a better option for Jenna.
2.  That we can communicate Jenna´s needs and our desires logically, with conviction & clearly.
3.  Strength for all our family.  It´s been a huge week for all.

12 March 2014

1. Jenna needs GRACE to put up with this tube.  She needs the nutrition & strength.

10-11 March 2014

1.  That this machine can work correctly!  We´ve had a rough start to this process which has made it more painful than it should be.  (see The Latest) The tube is a lot more bothersome - even painful - than we thought.  Jen needs perseverance, grace, peace.
2.  Thankful for grace for Jordan in this exam week, with Dad gone and Mom back & forth to the hospital.
3.  Bruce is with his Mom in CA and she will be moved back to her original room soon.  She is not responding to rehabilitation, is very tired and just wants to go to heaven!

9 March 2014

1.  Peaceful transition to the hospital again.  Placement of the tube (through the nose) and a possible endoscopy.
2.  For me (Pam) as I juggle being a solo parent right now.
3.  For Bruce´s time with his Mom.  Jordan´s exams all week.  Dani´s exams & end of trimester.

8 March 2014

1.  Patience to wait until Monday to go back to the hospital. For strength in spite of limited calories.
2.  For Bruce´s time with his Mom and Dani and his sister.
3.  For Jordan as he prepares for semester end exams.

7 March 2014

1.  Grateful for clarity today on how to get Jenna additional nutrition. (see The Latest)  We talked about various options.  Pray that as she is admitted on Monday that this extra help will be what her body needs.
2.  Bruce will be visiting his Mom who has broken her other hip and is not doing well.  Over the next few days he needs wisdom as he is there with her.  May the Lord bless their time in a very special way. He will also be with Dani and she is so excited about that!  :)
3.  Jordan was so happy today to have received an A on a Math test this week!  Plus he had a really good practice last night;  he was really encouraged today!  How can we ever thank you for praying for us?

6 March 2014

1.  Pray for the 2 important appts tomorrow where some decisions will be made about how to proceed with Jenna nutritionally.  We need a short term and a long term answer for her.
2.  May the Lord give me (Pam) wisdom & strength in any decisions that need to be made as Bruce is traveling.
3.  For Jordan to experience the Lord´s love & help in this time...he also has final semester exams next week and that always makes things more stressful than normal.

5 March 2014

1.  Feeling discouraged about how little Jenna can take in.  She tries so hard!  We need a long term solution.
2.  Jordan´s 3rd day in a row very discouraged...
3.  For Pam as she parents alone for 2 weeks.

4 March 2014

1.  We need a long term solution for nutrition for Jenna during chemo.
2.  Pray for Jordan.
3.  For Bruce who will be visiting his Mom who has broken her 2nd hip.

3 March 2014

1.  Pray that she can eat!  And sleep.
2.  Pray for Jordan who is taking this all very hard (along with 12 hr-old hormones!).  I need wisdom to know how to help him.
3.  Bruce left for the US for some mtgs & to be with his Mom who fell and broke her other hip.

2 March 2014


1 March 2014

1.  Thanks for praying.  Today was better, calmer, less nausea and she was able to keep some food down!  Thank you, Lord!  Keep praying!  And may God bless you for it!

28 Feb 2014

1.  We need a breakthrough.  After our trip to the ER last night (see The Latest), it´s clear we need a special touch for the nausea & spams to be stopped so she can eat.
2.  That what she eats will stay down and be assimilated!
3.  That as Bruce is traveling (for leadership meetings & to be with his Mom who has broken her 2nd hip),  God will give abundant grace to Jenna, Jordan and I to continue the Fight.

27  Feb 2014

1.  Bruce is travelling on Sat for 2 weeks.  Pray that we can calmly continue in the routine & also that Pam can find the right kind of assistance in accompanying Jenna to be able to both get a break & to attend to other work-related details.
2.  Pray for the stopping of nausea & esophageal spams that are making eating more difficult.

26 Feb 2014

1.  We need encouragement after meeting with the oncologist.  The long road ahead of us looks eternal...(see The Latest for more details).
2.  Calories and weight gain.  Strengthening & healing of her whole body.

25 Feb 2014

1.  Pray for wisdom in receiving guests.  Today we totally overdid it and Jenna was way overloaded.
2.  Getting calories in!

24 Feb 2014

1.  Thankful for Laura who provided homemade ricotta cheese and a bottle of whey for Jenna´s protein shakes!  Yes, people, literal curds & whey!!
2.  Lots of anxiety around eating & gaining weight - please pray for peace and the right focus about this.

23 Feb 2014

1.  Thanks for praying.  Today was a bit better overall for food and less pain.
2.  She did great with a homemade protein shake including ground almonds & homemade kefir.  :)
3.  She had little pain and was much calmer today.  Thank you.

22 Feb 2014

1.  Pray that she can eat more!
2.  Pray that we can find a protein shake that sets well with her.
3.  We need patience...may the Spirit help us!

21 Feb 2014

1.  Thankful that the pathology report today showed no other unexpected cancer in any lymph glands or the abdominal cavity (than what we already knew about).
2.  We met with the nutritionist today and the bottom line is this: Jenna must gain weight in the next 2 weeks.  Please pray that she find foods and a protein drink that sets well in this effort.

20 Feb 2014

1.  Pray that God would keep Jenna focused on Him and not the tedious, boring, time-consuming task of helping her body re-learn to eat.
2.  That He would guard her from discouragement and anxiety about losing weight and handling pain.
3.  That those of us around her can bring cheerful service, blessing and encouragement each day.

16 Feb 2014

1.  She is sleeping soooo much better since you all have been praying about that.  Now she is sleeping about 10 hours a night!  Thank you.
2.  Learning to live with daily pain is not easy.  She needs grace & endurance.
3.  May she gain weight as she is able to consume little bits at a time.

14 & 15 Feb 2014

1.  Ditto #1,2,3 from yesterday.

13 Feb 2014

1.  Relearning to eat is a big challenge - and painful.  Please pray with us for healing and adjustment over her whole digestive system and for mental determination to continue eating in spite of it all.
2.  That her body can assimilate pain meds orally instead of intravenously - one of the last steps before being able to be released from the hospital.
3.  For physical & emotional endurance for the whole family.

12 Feb 2014

1.  Pray for her to be able to consume calories!!  This will be a main focus & takes a lot of energy right now.
2.  For balance in energy output with visitors and rest, how much to walk, etc.

11 Feb 2014

1. She is now sleeping 2-3 hours at a time so that is a big improvement.  Keep praying for sound, healing sleep.
2.  That her insides can adjust to their new space and role in eating.  It´s a slow, sometimes painful process.

10 Feb 2014

1.  Sleep was better last night; thanks for praying!
2.  Regaining strength.  Maintaining family unity in this separate situation between hospital & home.

9 Feb 2014

1.  Spent her first night in a regular room.  We were literally up every hour.  Please pray for sleep.
2.  Now that she needs company at night to help out, pray that I can find the right balance between home and here.  She has chosen 3 close friends to help me out some nights so that I can stay strong and get a break.

6 Feb 2014

1.  Ditto that of 5 Feb.
2.  Bruce and I are encouraged but exhausted.  We ask for strength to be strong for our kids.

5 Feb 2014

1. That the Drs can find the right balance of meds to keep her comfortable and give her the rest she needs.  She is still receiving blood to keep anemia at bay.  That she can get restful sleep tonight.
2.  Peace & strength for Dani and Jordan.

4 Feb 2014

1. Healing and recovery for Jenna´s body.
2.  Special strength for Dani and Jordan; wisdom for Bruce & Pam in walking this out with them.
3.  Thanks for a successful surgery and the healing God will bring in His time and His way.

3 Feb 2014

1.  Pray for the Lord to guide the surgeon´s hands.
2.  Pray for emotional strength for our family, especially for Dani who is far away.

29 Jan 2014

Tomorrow at 6am we leave for Madrid to visit a cancer center and get a specialized opinion on Jenna´s treatment plan.  Pray for PEACE and DISCERNMENT.

27 Jan 2014

1.  Pray for Daniela who is feeling soooo far away from this significant family experience (we are in Spain, she is at university in LA).  She needs strength to concentrate and physical strength to apply herself to dance.  May the Lord give us wisdom as we seek her best in all of this, too.
2.  Pray for Jordan who is also experiencing low concentration and motivation at school.  May the Lord give us insight and compassion as we mentor him during these trying days.

22-23 January 2014

1.  Got in touch with 2 other Drs. here in Spain who looked over her case and were in agreement with the treatment plan proposed.  Thankful that they could help us.  Pray with us for DISCERNMENT in the multitude of information.
2.  We got an appointment at a cancer center in Madrid for 30 January and pray that this other specialized opinion will give us confirmation and peace of mind that we have done everything possible to make a good decision.

21 January 2014

1.  So thankful that there was NO other cancer other than what we already knew about: stomach and umbilical area!!!!
2.  We have been presented with what the Drs. recommend for treatment and it sounds a bit scary.  We quickly need to get a 2nd opinion.

20 January 2014

1.  Pray for miracles as Jen does her last Catscan tomorrow which is the one which will search her entire body for any more cancer.  We ask the Lord to contain what is there and to release healing over her.

2.  Pray for DISCERNMENT as we consider all the information the doctors will present to us and other non-traditional approaches.  Also, if we should continue treatment here in Málaga, Spain.


  1. Dear Pam and Bruce: You are people of the kingdom then the resources the kingdon came to you. As Jesus Said "if thou believedst, thou shouldest see the glory of God?"
    Therefore you will see glory of God in Jenna´s Life and in your life. Mariela and Manuel

  2. aprecio tanto Pame, que escribas como dirigir nuestras oraciones...GRACIAS! seguimos orando.

  3. We are praying for the family, all from Camino Community Church. Be strong and let the Lord carry you all with his mighty Hand.

    Gary - and the congregation and Gregg Family

    1. Thanks, Gary, and the whole family at CCC. We are being held up by so many & feel blessed...

    2. Have been praying for Jenna and all of you several times a day since meeting Bruce last week. Today, these verses are especially on my heart:
      I cried out, “I am slipping!”
      but your unfailing love, O Lord, supported me.
      When doubts filled my mind,
      your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer. Ps 94:18-19

  4. Praying these verses for you this week from Psalm 138 (NLT)

    I bow before your holy Temple as I worship.
    I praise your name for your unfailing love and faithfulness;
    because your promises are backed
    by all the honour of your name.

    When I pray, you answer me;
    you encourage me by giving me the strength I need.

    The Lord will work out his plans for my life—
    for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever.

  5. Dearest Pam,

    We so enjoyed being able to host Bruce overnight last night. It was so good to see him after so many years. Please know that are prayers are with your entire family during this difficult time.

    We are proud to support such a beautiful family.

    You will be blessed as for your test will be a testimony.

    We love you.

    Kent, Janet, Abha & Manika

  6. Dearest Pam,
    We hold you all up to our precious Lord in this time, knowing that His healing hands are surrounding you all, especially our sweet Jenna, and that nothing is impossible with Him. We will hold Bruce's family in close prayer during these final days of his mother's life. Our extended family continues to pray for you all and not a day goes by that Marilyn and Bruce do not ask for the latest update so that they may hold your specific prayer requests up our Lord.
    Please know how much we love you...Cheryl, John, Ash, Sasha, and Gabriella