Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Since these weeks have been all about relearning to eat and trying to figure out ways to get calories into our (already thin) Jenna, many of you have graciously offered to donate some kilos to her. Haha.  She wishes she could accept!  (You wish she could, too!)  We have such an overage of willing donors that I wish I could invent a way to make this work...we could end world poverty and malnutrition and win a Nobel Peace Prize together!

Anyway, this week´s big campaign in the hospital is to to pump in a prepared liquid nutrition to help her gain weigh through a nasogastric tube (through the nose to her small intestine) .  This is key for her overall health, energy and well being and also in light of the upcoming 5 or so months of chemo and their unique challenges on the body.  Once the machine got going (you can read about the rough start under The Latest), it´s purr has been music to my ears.  They´re starting out slow, 500 calories over a few hours, to  see how she tolerates it and so far so good.  We are thankful for that! Plus she can have liquids by mouth a few times a day.  There will be a steady increase on that as well.  We are seeing various doctors on different days and these conversations have been helpful on a number of levels: endocrinologist/nutritionist, her GI surgeons and the oncologist.  The nurses have been great and have warmly welcomed her back.  ;)

The NG tube has been a much bigger ordeal than we thought and the first day all Jenna wanted was to have them take it back out!  It is very uncomfortable, gives you a sore throat, runny nose and having to have it taped to your nose makes it utterly obvious!  (Somehow we thought it would be this tiny little tube you could just push behind your ear with your hair!)  It is a bit unsightly.  But I think she makes it look as good as it can...


We´re happy in her room where it is very quiet, we have space for visitors, we can spend the night and where brothers can study!

She´s trying to keep busy but isn´t very strong yet.  Concentrating or reading is still difficult.  Her Uncle Ted is busy copying Downton Abbey, The Office and any number of movies for her to keep her distracted.  Her friends are texting and writing on fb and visitors (when she´s up for it) come by.  

Hopefully, we´ll take this contraption home as we get more used to it and settle in there.

Bruce is still in California visiting his Mom who has fallen and broken her other hip.  Poor thing.  His sister has been monitoring this, knowing we have our hands full.   She is very tired and not wanting to do rehab again.  She is just ready to be in heaven at this point.  Please pray with us for peace in this situation for our dear Grandma.  God´s timing as the Author of Life is perfect and loving.  May we all experience His peace during this tender time.

L to R:  Bruce´s sister Donna, Dani, Grandma, Bruce in a visit on Saturday
Dani is our cuddlier; she always love to climb into bed and get right next to Grandma!

Thanks for all the love & support; you guys have been amazing and have helped us stand during a most challenging 2 months.  We are so grateful for you!!

Photo by:  wmakashutdown5


  1. Jenna, you are rocking that tube! Making it gorgeous! ;) Praying an overwhelming peace for you all and a supernatural comfort with the NG tube for Jenna!

    1. Haha Thank you Erin!!!!! I agree that she´s making it look amazing!!

  2. Que el Señor multiplique las fuerzas y la paz en cada uno de ustedes. Proclamamos, una vez más, sanidad completa para Jenna. Los abrazamos a la distancia!

  3. Hi Pam, praying for Jenna and all of you! Curious if they have considered a PEJ tube (percutaneous endoscopic jejunal) for her feedings rather than the NG tube? I am a Registered Dietitian so I understand a bit all the digestive issues and needs.

  4. Hey Jenni, YES. We have been talking about that as it seems clear that Jenna will need this nutritional support for a while. (If it´s challenging to eat now how will we manage with chemo on top of that?) The Drs feel the NG tube is the best option right now for a variety of reasons and are looking to the Jtube later on. I just don´t know if Jen is going to be able to put up with this tube for very´s been really rough going...Thanks for praying & for your interest. bless u