Saturday, June 21, 2014


Dearest Shepherd,

I find myself without words for the long-awaited breakthrough which came this week.  At first I didn´t even want to tell anyone; it was just too precious to blurt out!   I pondered it in my heart, savored the good news, wondered about Your choice of timing and choice of how and when to speak to me.  My heart was overflowing with melodies & gratitude, joy bubbling up with or without verse, contentment flowing, underlying it all, laying down a peaceful bed. Heavenly flower petals spilled down over me, flooding my environment with perfume.  I felt special & loved & singled out in a sacred moment – a kyros moment You chose to act in within Your perfect kingdom plan.

Thank You for Your perfect timing.  Thank You for lessons learned.  Thank You for holding me up so many weary days.  Thank You for helping me to walk with my kids in their faith walk without having to have all the answers.  Thank You for giving Jenna special grace.  Thank You for Your quiet but steady presence in all of this.  Thank You for my husband´s steady hand and careful attention to us in a complex year.

Lord, I bless Your work that I cannot see.  I bless the people around us so that they can see Jesus in spite of our simple humanity.  I bless the pieces You are putting together for the extension of Your kingdom in this world.  I bless the doctors´ understanding in the coming months of the situations yet to arise.  I bless my children and how their lives will be affected forever by this year.  I bless my    husband´s faith & our tenderness as a couple to bless others with the same compassion & unselfish caring that has been shown to us.  I bless even the difficult things to come, the suffering still to be endured, the unanswerable questions & the losses.  I bless Your work in and through us and its ripple effect throughout the world on others.  I bless all You do, even when I can´t see it.

Thank You for the special things of this week: the ways You spoke to me, the surgery for Jenna, the ¨like new¨ intestines she sports, the grace for Jordan at school & in futbol, the amazing provisions for Dani and how You are speaking to Bruce & comforting him while he is far from us.

I´ll love You forever.  As David wrote in Psalm 74:12, ¨God is my King from my youth.¨ This is true with me and I can think of no greater joy & privilege in this life than to pilgrim with You.

I am Yours always!



  1. So thankful! (I should always know to pull the kleenex box closer to me when I open your blog! I'm overflowing with tears!) xxoo