Sunday, June 8, 2014


When all is gone -
energy, strength, resolve
I come to You.
When all is draining away -
joy, happiness, peace
I come to You.
When all is dry -
wisdom, ideas, encouragement
I come to You.
when all is darkening -
perspective, focus, vision
I come to you.

I need you on so many levels;
I cannot keep up with life´s demands,
Life has not stopped for me!
Calendars turn over,
People come & go,
Projects have due dates,
School continues with it´s demands,
My family has ongoing needs
that have nothing to do with cancer...
So do I.
And there are the ongoing needs
that have everything to do with cancer...
these are so important.

I need the One who gives Life.
Who breathes Life into all of this,
Into all of me & those I love.
You are my Source
And that is why...
I come to You.

Photos by:  @doug88888 and Sashamd


  1. I feel the journey through your words and feel the path through my mothers heart.

  2. Where else shall we go? You have the words of LIFE...