Monday, June 2, 2014



So we finished PRAY JENNA 24 here in Spain on Sunday morning and we are so thankful & blessed to have seen so many participate!  We know of about 165 people who signed up for a half hour prayer slot and 270 who ¨attended¨/participated.  Many others wrote assuring us they were joining us in some way.  THANK YOU.

A special thanks to Kent who envisioned this, organized it, fed us ideas of what to pray for and joyfully responded to each and every one.  Even his efforts to use Google Translator for all of our Spanish speaking friends did not go unnoticed!  (My personal favorite phrase from Google was ¨Perdón mi española¨!!  jaja)

And as special words & verses & impressions keep trickling in from those of you who shared something that you sensed while praying, we continue to be blessed and sense a residual, continual effect of the blessings still floating down.

Did Jenna experience a miraculous healing?  No.

I admit I had built up my hopes and my faith was flying in expectation of something big over the weekend.  But when I heard her in the bathroom Saturday night throwing up, my heart started sinking.  And I thought, ¨If not now, Lord, when?¨ I continue to profess that I believe He can heal her whenever He wants.  But in the day to day realities, I just really need His presence.

There has been the miracle of encouragement, of joy, of increased unity, of growth in prayer, in faith and in numerous other ways.  I pray that our eyes would be opened to see spiritual realities of the consequences to all of your heartfelt prayers.


Sunday´s reality was a trip to the ER because Jenna´s NG tube got obstructed and we could not get it unobstructed.  They couldn´t in the ER, either.  Nor did they have the tube she needed to be able to put a new one in.  They wanted to check her in just to keep her hydrated but she settled for receiving one bag and going home.  Since she can´t keep anything down, this means no food or water until they find a tube.

Monday´s reality was an appointment with an oncologist who told us they are ready to start chemo.  In spite of her circumstances, she is stable and the clock is ticking.  It´s been hard to balance.  I continue to feel so frustrated that they can´t seem to control these symptoms of vomiting & nausea that have sabotaged her upward weight gain.  She is (miraculously) holding onto her minimum weight.  Her body may continue to take a long time to adjust...they don´t want to wait much longer.  I´m nervous.  But she was happy.  She wants to move forward.  And if she gets worse, they can stop treatment for a while.  

They decided they want to check her into the hospital for 24-48 hours and give her IV fluids, parenteral nutrition (by blood) and change her NG tube and get the enteral nutrition going again to give her a boost just before they start chemo.  Wow.  I can´t believe this is happening all of a sudden.

She didn´t want to go back to the hospital until after 6pm because from 4-6pm she had an appointment with a couple who wanted to pray for her healing & minister to her.  She didn´t want to miss that opportunity.  I pray for her even now, as I sit in this café waiting for her, that God will continue to meet her and that He will go before her in this next important stage.

Who knew that the 24-hours of prayer would come just before this final stage, chemotherapy?  Who knows what blessings are still trickling in, or are yet to be unleashed or to be fulfilled today?

Only the One who holds her in the palm of His hand.

We are eternally grateful to all of you.


  1. Excited, expectant, and anxious about chemo with you all, Pam, but I am confident that God's timing (with the day of prayer and now the surprise of chemo) is never coincidental... I am encouraged that we can see part of His greater scheme starting to unfold. I'm praying for you all in this time of great transition and movement and ask for His covering over every circumstance. "Be Still" by Steffany Frizzell Gretziger and Bethel Music ( is a song for you to rest in during this time. May you feel His presence more strongly than ever before!

    1. Thanks, Erin! Started chemo last night and so far so good. Hopefully, she´ll come home today & we´ll all be glad about that. Even though I´m a bit nervous, it´s good to have finally started this last part of the treatment plan. So thankful for your friendship vis this blog.
      love & hugs

  2. who knows what's coming tomorrow? Only One knows what's coming tomorrow. I'm praying for you to receive the blessing of today, and the blessings that come day by day as you walk down this long, long road. The moment in the cafe to be quiet. The touch of your daughters hand after another grueling medical appointment, that reminds you she's there and she's grateful. The tall cool drink that refreshes your whole system. The sunshine on a terrace as you wait for a late phone call, and realize how very tired you are and how very good the Sun feels. Each of the small gifts from your Papa's hand, are for you, His beloved, day by day. He has heard a myriad of prayers, counted each tear that has fallen, and will not leave you alone for even a moment, as you walk with Jenna, or rest without her. Bruce he holds. Danielle he holds. Jordan is embraced. Rest against him, as we all have, on your behalf.

    1. Your words are always precious & full of the wisdom who has known suffering himself. May you also be resting in the Shepherd, friend.