Wednesday, June 4, 2014


On the Altar Moment of this First Day of Chemo

Today I give You my girl.
I stand at an altar moment in life,
A sacred eclipsing of the light.
As darkness approaches,
I place her there.
My firstborn.
The first one to steal my heart.
She is strength & sweetness all at once.
And she is braver than I.

She climbed right onto the altar herself,
barely trembling!
She looked back at me with peaceful hazel eyes.
It was I who pulled her off, terrified,
and not at all ready.

Quietly, she took my hands
And her eyes told me:
¨Everything´s gonna be ok;
He´s got this.¨
I helped her back up there.
And blessed her.

Today I give You my girl.
I stand at this altar moment -
the beginning of chemo.
With a sacred eclipsing in my mother-heart,
I whisper another prayer of surrender,
And I place her there.


  1. You gifted back to Jesus what you value of your children. He knows just how you feel....

    1. My prayers and thoughts have been with you all since Jenna's dx. Have many prayer lists and many friends and relatives saying prayers for you all. Special extra prayers for Jenna and also you Pam who gave her life who carried her in your womb and kept her safe and warm. After her birth nourished her and guided her as so did your husband to be a wonderful strong and carrying person. Then raised two more gifted children. I know you are doing everything you can and it's such a hard situation. Stay strong The Lord is with you all
      Bless you all love cousin Marie Mcclune Salvaggi
      Quincy Massachusetts

      Hugs hope you get

    2. Wow Marie, thanks for writing! Not sure how you got on this blog except through other relatives in Mass. Thanks for the loving support!

  2. No chemical is stronger than those released in ones body when they know they are loved. You've given Jenna the best chemo for her soul (and possibly her body!).

  3. It's easier to go through yourself than see your kids going through it. We are praying for wisdom for you and the Drs and peace for the whole family through this storm.