Sunday, May 17, 2015


"...let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years, 
and let them be give light on the earth."

Genesis 1:14

I am a marked woman.

It's not something that you see at a glance
or notice in a quick exchange.
It's something deeper, more profound.
Life has changed forever.
Life has marked me forever.
The well of my heart is deepening, expanding.
My mind is still actively pondering the changes,
Clarifying what they are...
and who I will become.

This journey of healing is not about
"getting better so I can get back to who I was and what I was doing"
That could never be!
No, everything has changed
 and I must change, too.

So I bring the things I am noticing and pondering
to the One who knows me and who shaped me 
and who has faithfully shepherded me so far.
He knows all about these things
And His marks on us are mysteriously lovely.

So we walk and we talk and sometimes we just sit in silence.
And I wait and receive from Him
counsel, encouragement, courage
and a deepening ability to surrender.
A surrender
to Love, to Change,
and to Who I am becoming...

I notice that there is a smile
on His lips and around His warm eyes...
And I know I must be on the right path.
The one marked for me,
the one that is marking me.
the one that has His mark.

I smile back,
Content to be a marked woman.

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