Tuesday, November 21, 2017


You are the One who slays giants
who buffets my monsters
who refutes lies
and weeps over wounds.

You are the One who breathes strength
into childlike efforts
empowers my best intentions
and looks beyond results to motives.

You are the One who sees the future
and lays out the beats of my heart
You knowingly arrange courses & paths
to prepare and train my soul.

You are the One who stations angels
arranges heaven in mystical appointments
who puts a shield over my heart
and a band of truth around my mind.

You are the One who redeems the hopeless
who dreams up the most unlikely
who operates counterintuitively
and who executes the impossible.

You are the One who has always been with me
the One whose tears are the same salty as mine
You sit patiently and ponder with me
You are not uncomfortable with my silence.

You sing songs & speak secrets in the night
You share counsel as the morning dawns
You walk ahead, behind and beside
Your love is quiet and compelling.

You are the One who has always shown up
to bring provision at critical moments
to creatively pursue my heart
or to just be near.

You are the One who grounds me
You are the One who has taught me love & truth
You steadfastly anchor me
You are the One.

Photo by:  Flora Mutata

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